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CourseCure v1.4.1


  • Lesson Page: Updated so that Lesson menu are clickable even if user has no access to lesson. WishList Member will handle the – protection
  • Lesson Page: Hide Module next and previous links when veiwing in preview mode
  • Override Linear course requirement for lessons in preview mode
  • Fixed overlay in module cover image
  • Added customizer settings for Lesson’s page module navigation label
  • Fixed lessons does not inherit course protection
  • Course Library course button label changed to “Preview Course” if course in preview mode
  • Course Page button label will stay “Get Access” even if in preview mode and goes to WLM error page when clicked
  • Added a “Preview Course” link in Course Page below the “Get Access” button in preview mode
  • Lessons in list is now clickable but goes to WLM error page if user has no access.
  • Fixed PHP Notice in Course Access tab.
  • Fixed Testimonials and Author line breaks being removed.
  • Fix Next and Previous Module link not working
  • Fixed PHP Notice in homepage
  • Fix Elementor conflict where Course Library styles are not working