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WishList Member 3.20.0


  • Fixed issue where you can’t select “Remove to Lists” and “Remove to Tags” when updating the Membership Level Actions.


  • Added support for Global Pricing (discounts) on Variable Products and Variable Subscriptions.


  • Import: Fixed issue where importing members with foreigh characters (eg. גיורא) are being saved in a different format.
  • Export: Fixed “Uncaught TypeError: stripslashes(): Argument #1 must be of type string, array given” when doing Export.


  • Updated /resources so it returns an array of resources instead of an object with numeric keys.
  • Fixed Digest Auth username not showing under Advanced Settings > API.


  • Added the following options to the Pages step:
    • Membership Registration Page for FREE Users (creates a free registration page template)
    • Membership Sales Page for PAID Users (creates a sales page template)
    • Styled Membership Login Page (customizes the default WordPress login page)
  • Added wizard and checklist items to anonymous usage tracking.


  • Support translation for the text “Show More Pay Per Posts” when [ wlm_userpayperpost ] shortcode is used.
  • Fixed license activation checklist item not marked as active after activating license via license nag message.
  • Fixed license deactivation not showing after activating license via license nag message.
  • Fixed license video playing when “skip” or “save and continue” is clicked.
  • Added tooltips and text updates to SendLane integration.