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WishList Member 3.20.1


  • Fixed issue where Product Pricing set for Variable Products/Subscriptions aren’t being proceessed by the WooCommerce integration.


  • Fixed issue where the Stripe Profile Shortcode displays JS code on the site when ProtoPro7 Theme is used on the site.

Setup >> Levels

  • Fixed missing “Return To Levels” button on Actions tab.Show “Actions” tab when editing a membership level even if the site only has one level.
  • Hide Add/Cancel/Move/Remove dropdown option on the “Then Do This” when there’s only one level.
  • Text and order adjustments for the PayPerPosts dropdown actions.

Members >> Manage

  • Fixed issue where the “Send Reset Password Link to Member” button/link does not send email when the setting “Allow WishList Member to Handle Password Reset” located in WishList Member >> Advance Options >> Passwords is disabled. If WLM doesn’t have permission to handle reset passwords and the admin sends it internally then we now use the default WP function to send the reset email.

Members >> Sequential Upgrade

  • Day 0 sequential upgrade “ADD” not triggered immediately for users added via the API.
  • Fixed date on sequential upgrade not showing for “OnDate” option.