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WishList Member 3.20.2


  • Fixed Prevent duplicate payment provider registrations causing issues with the cancellations from 1ShoppingCart.

Paypal Checkout

  • Fixed issue where the setting “Prevent duplicate payment provider registrations” when enabled is causing issues with Paypal Checkout payment links. Visiting the Paypal Checkout payment links for the second time redirects you to the page set as in the “Prevent Duplicate Payment” settings.
  • Fix: PayPal showing errors when not logged in. “Notice: Undefined index: init_amount”.


  • Fixed issue where Not all Products shows up when selecting product access.
  • Changing the way we fetch Woo Products from wc_get_products() function to manual WP_Query as the wc_get_products() has an issue with some products not being fetched until you update them.


  • Fixed issue where Tags configured for the membership level is not being process correctly when user is Added/Removed/Cancelled/Uncancelled from a Level.
  • Fixed Issue where the tags being added to the user is the Tag ID and not the actual Tag name.
  • Issue where multiple tags aren’t being processed.


  • Fixes issue where clicking the “View Past Invoices” link on the form generated by the Stripe Profile Shortcode breaks the site when “Prevent duplicate payment provider registrations” option is enabled.


  • Fixed issue where the Gutenberg Plugin is causing javascript errors that’s affecting all of the WishList Member backend pages. The issue is preventing WLM backend to update settings, add members/levels and other actions. The issue started on Version 14.4.0.
  • API: We now only send the registration emails only if the user is not yet registered to the level they got added via the API /levels/$level_id/members/.
  • Fixed issue where Membership Levels data are being lost on some sites hosted on Godaddy.