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WishList Member 3.21.1

Constant Contact

  • Fixed issue where the Constant Contact integration stopped working due to the authorization process being broken.

Webhooks Integration

  • Added singular “trigger_level” field. This is the level that triggered the event.
  • Added singular “level” field . This is the data for the level that triggered the event.

Content Control

  • Fixed issue where the Pagination stopped working and just shows “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” error.
  • Fixed issue where the content control menus/settings just redirects to the WLM Dashboard page when all three modules (Content Scheduler, Content Archiver and Content Manager ) are disabled.

Members >> Manage

  • Manage: Sorting by Username, Email or name doesn’t work when you do a search first by membership level.


  • Fixed PHP notice due to invalid offset warning error.