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WishList Member 3.22.10


  • Fixed failed payments in WooCommerce results in removing the member from the level instead of deactivation.
  • Fixed Active Level’s status changes to “Needs Approval” when an order’s status goes On-Hold.

MailerLite Integration

  • Fixed issue where API Status checking returns Incorrect/Not Connected even with the correct API Key being used when the MailerLite account doesn’t have any groups created yet.
  • Fixed issue where users are getting added to MailerLite but they’re not being added to the selected groups configured for the Level.

Members >> Manage

  • Fixed issue where users with backslash on their password are not able to login since WP does not allow backslash in the password.

Setup >> Levels

  • Fixed a bug where some incomplete registrations are getting stuck when site is experiencing high stress while triggering the finish_incomplete_registration() function.
  • Fixed a bug where temp accounts that had their levels canceled before their accounts get auto-completed will have that level active again after it merges with an existing account or if the new account gets auto-completed.
  • Fixed issue where Level actions displays “When Added” even if the action is cancelled.

Keap Shopping Cart Integration

  • Team Accounts” not working under Keap integration >> Products.


  • Fixed issue where Links are not clickable in emails sent by WishList Member for Yahoo and AOL.
  • Fixed an issue where reset password link will not work if the account has period “.” at the end of the username.
  • Fixed a bug with password reset email where the clickable link ends at the first Uppercase letter of the link.
  • Added wlm_5minutes for 5 minute intervals and wlm_10minutes for 10 minute intervals.
  • Fixed broken one-time login link for hotmail emails.