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WishList Member 3.22.2


  • Translations lost on upgrade.


  • Fixed Stripe Profile Shortcode – View Past Invoices closed button/link not working.
  • Fixed issue where Stripe Products with One Time Payment fails when the pricing is set to One-Time and the customer that is purchasing the product requires Strong Customer Authentication (customers from Europe).
  • Fixed issue where contents (posts/pages) that has the Stripe button shows fatal error when the logged in user has a Stripe Customer ID saved on their account but that ID doesn’t exist on the Stripe account connected to the WLM site.


  • Fixed issue where WishList Member sends the “Congrats” email notification for PPPs when the order’s status changes. (eg. from Pending to Completed)

Team Accounts

  • Fixed issue where you can’t install WishList Member on some sites due to the error “An error of type E_PARSE “.

Members >> Manage

  • Fixed issue where Clicking the username doesn’t display the pop up modal and instead is showing “error occured”.

Membership Levels >> Actions

  • Scheduled Level actions are not working when there’s a delay (Schedule for On/After x days).

Content Manager

  • Fix Content Manager add and move to category not being able to inherit protection of category.


  • Tooltips updates for LearnDash, BuddyBoss and MailChimp Integration.
  • Fixed error notice when using custom registration form with fields that has no attributes