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WishList Member 3.22.3

Email Broadcast

  • Fixed issue where the Unsubscribe Email Broadcast Notification is being sent everytime the user visits the unsubscribe url even when the user is already unsubscribe.
  • Fixed issue where the Admin notification for members unsubscribing is being sent twice.
  • Fixed issue where the date/time that is displayed when the email broadcast got created/queued is incorrect.

Shortcode Inserter

  • Fixed issue where Coursecure Shortcode inserter still shows even when CourseCure is not active.
  • Also fixed the Shortcode Inserter showing “Add-ons” as label instead of “CourseCure”.

Pay Per Post

  • Fixed issue where the “Show More Pay Per Posts” is still showing for non logged in members.
  • We no longer show the “Show More Pay Per Posts” if there are no longer PPP to show for the logged in Member.
  • Fixed issue where the [ wlm_userpayperpost ] shortcode still shows the post even though content is not yet published, resulting in error 404 when clicked.

Content Control: Archiver

  • Fixed Content Archiver saves wrong date and time when timezone is not UTC+0.
  • Fixed issue where the setting “Hide non-accessible archived content in page and post listings” is not working and still shows archived posts in the posts/pages listings even though the user don’t have access to it.

Content Control: Manager

  • Fixed Content Manager saves wrong date and time when timezone is not UTC+0.

Member Action Button

  • Users aren’t being redirected to the configured redirect URL after clicking the Member Action Button.


  • Fixed issue that appears when customer purchases an upsell, the welcome email/notification for the member is sent repeatedly. The hour varies from 1-2 hours each and is sent 5-7 times.

Members >> Import

  • Plain text passwords which are not working are being sent to the email notification to existing users whenever doing imports.

Post/Page Editor

  • Save buttons when configuring the WishList Member’s System Pages settings only work once.


  • Milestone message showing up for non-admins.
  • Tooltip updates. (Zapier, WP CourseWare, arpReach, Convertkit, Aweber)
  • Disabled the beta/new menu sticker for Team Accounts.