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WishList Member 3.22.6

Content Archiver

  • Fixed content archiver updates date and time using the timezone when using WordPress update.

Content Scheduler

  • Fixed a bug where “scheduled-contents” shortcode doesn’t use GMT/UTC value of the date it was published which causes some hours of inaccuracies.
  • Fixed the shortcode date/time format which doesn’t follow the one set via WordPress Settings-> General.
  • Fixed a bug where “scheduled-contents” shortcode showing schedules by the last x number of posts instead of the next x number of posts.
  • Fixed a bug where the shortcode won’t show scheduled dates when added inside a widget.

Setup Wizard

  • Setup wizard generating the same level URL if multiple levels are created.

Setup >> Levels

  • Added the “Cancel from same Level” level action when a user gets added to a Level. Click here for documentation.
  • Fixed issue where Simple registration url field is truncated.
  • Registration page does not load if slashes are encoded un the Registration URL. For example: %2Fregister%2Fabcde instead of /register/abcde.

LearnDash integration

  • Fixed issue where it’s unable to remove a level when there’s also a Course action that will remove that same level when a course gets removed causing a loop.

Webhooks Integration

  • Fixed issue where the Outgoing webhook is not sending custom fields.
  • Added support for when a level expires/unexpire for outgoing webhooks.
  • Added custom fields support to incoming webhooks.

BuddyBoss Integration

  • Fixed conflict with BuddyBoss where trailingslash is prevented from being automatically added to URLs when both plugins are active.


  • Started using WordPress function get_edit_profile_url() to generate the profile page URL for the Membership Details link on the [ wlm_loginform ] shortcode.