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WishList Member 3.22.8

Setup >> Levels

  • Fixed a bug where cancelled users who re-registered to the same level doesn’t get uncancelled if they get automatically added after the set delay of the “Enable Auto-Created Accounts for Integrations” level setting.
  • Fixed issue where the “Email Confirmed” and “Level Approved” Email notification is not using the Per Level settings for Sender Email and Sender Name when the “Use Global Default Sender Info” is disabled.

Thrive Automator

  • Fixed issue where the Thrive Automator’s action for Wishlist Member’s Delete User returns a fatal error.


  • Fixed issue where the user is unable to remove a level when there’s also a Profile Type action that will remove that same level when a Profile Type gets removed.


  • Fixed issue where WooCommerce cancellations on orders/subscriptions are not being reflected on their membership levels.


  • Fixed not sending data to iDev when auto-create accounts is enabled on the membership level’s settings.


  • Added support for Infusionsoft/Keap to allow applying or removing of tags when a member gets Uncancelled, Expired and Unexpired.

RSS Feed Protection

  • Fixed issuue where WordPress generated RSS feed meta data do not include wpmfeedkey for logged in users.
  • Fixed issue where protected category feed is not accessible by members.

Constant Contact

  • Fixed issue with the UI of the membership levels’ tables by adding the class “table-wrapper” to the Lists and Tags table.

Team Accounts

  • Fixed site slow down triggered by Team Accounts even if it is not used.


  • Text changes on the license info in WishList Member >> Dashboard.
  • Updated the tooltip to say that the minimum password length should be at least 4 characters.
  • Added a condition inside the pass_gen() function that will set the minimum password length to 4 if the value saved in the Database is 3 or lesser.
  • Fixed Warning: Undefined array key “wlm_old_post_parent” and Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null.
  • Registration – Fixed issue where the registration page shows an error (Username already exists) even though the registration went through which happens when the user clicked the Submit button multiple times and the registration form style is set to “Theme Styled”.