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WishList Member 3.22.9


  • Users aren’t being subscribe to Group (New Group subscription feature) when they are added to a Group via the WishList Member integration.


  • Fixed broken javascript in levels edit view.
  • Fixed issue where unconfigured products and categories listed in the dropdown before an already configured product/category are not displayed.
  • No save indicator when saving global pricing under the level view.


  • Fixed issue on the Zapier app side where requesting for trigger sample data returns nothing due to certain servers not accepting request body for GET requests.
  • Fixed issue on the Zapier integration side where requesting for trigger sample data returns nothing due to some database queries not matching anything.


  • Fixed issue where membership level is not cancelled when a one-time payment plan is refunded in Stripe.


  • Fixed issue where the edit function on the “Pay per Post” items does not work under Payment >> Keap integration.

Webhooks Integration

  • Outgoing webhooks sent for temp users and not when a user is registered. This results to custom registration fields to not be sent.

Generic Payment Integration

  • Integration auto-completes registration even if auto-complete delay is set.

Members >> Manage

  • Fixed a bug which causes date inconsistencies when scheduling a member to be removed/canceled from a membership level and WordPress timezone is not in UTC+0.


  • Improved performance by reusing the curl state to prevent reauthentication on every request.
  • Added HTTP digest support to constructor.
  • Code beautification updates.
  • Fixed a bug where updating a member’s address fields using WLM API _member PUT method won’t work unless at least one of the wpm_useraddress is initialized.


  • Fixed Issue where the Nickname field is causing the error “Please enter a nickname” when 1. The nickname field is added as a field in the Custom Registration Form and 2. a user updates their profile in the WP Profile Page.
  • Added wlm_cache_delete right after timestamp gets updated in the function set_membership_levels.
  • Fixed the issue where the message “Please wait while we process your submission…” cannot be targeted with custom CSS.
  • Fixed issue where the Send Reset Link button on the WordPress Profile Page will display a bunch of error messages when clicked.
  • Fixed issue where categories are automatically protected for fresh installs
  • Updated the tooltips for legacy options in WLM > Advanced Options > Legacy.
  • Removed the “Learn More” links in WLM > Advanced Options > Legacy.
  • Updated tooltips found in WLM > Setup > Levels > Additional Settings and Email Notifications.
  • Updated Tooltips for Team Accounts.
  • Updated the tooltips for global default error pages and redirects.
  • PHP8 compatibility updates.
  • WPCS compliance updates.