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WishList Member 3.23.1


  • Fix issue where there’s no error message when adding a member with no membership level via Members > Manage.

Content Protection

  • Fix issue where child pages do not appear under Content Protection if their parent is automatically excluded due to it being used for redirection or an error page.
  • We now show contents set as system pages but show a message saying that it can’t be protected because it’s set as a system page.

WP Profile

  • Removed Add to Blacklist feature when editing user through the default WordPress Profile page as this feature is available when editing a member under Members > Manage
  • Fixed PHP Warning when viewing wp-admin/user-edit.php or wp-admin/profile.php.

Slack Integration

  • Fixed bug where all the per level settings gets reverted when trying to save changes.
  • Fixed bug where added notifications are being sent twice.

Zapier Integration

  • Added catch-all error handling to Zapier app to display error messages in Zapier UI if none is provided by WishList Member.
  • Bumped Zapier app version to 1.0.4

WooCommerce Integration

  • Fixed issue where adding new category pricing results in multiple entries being created in the table when save button is clicked multiple times.
  • Fixed issue where “Save Changes” needs to be clicked after deleting Member Pricing under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Member Pricing section.

PayPal Integration

  • Integration text and tooltip updates

ClickBank Integration

  • Fixed an issue where ClickBank GET values are not being passed to the registration form via wlm_rgd URL query
  • Fixed issue where short version of the continue registration URL does not include GET values.

WebHooks Integration

  • Fixed broken incoming webhook integration for JSON payloads


  • Fixed level actions from a deleted level still getting processed