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WishList Member 3.23.2

WordPress 6.3 Compatibility

  • Fixed broken hide/show feature in WP 6.3.
  • Fixed BuddyBoss members not being able to update their status.
  • Fixed broken /level/{level_id}/members API calls when looped in code.

Content Control

  • Fixed child pages being hidden in Content Control admin area when their parent is an error page.


  • Added labels and error notifications for Archived Stripe Products.
  • Display notification when a selected product is already archived as well as an additional.
  • Add “(archived)” label on the dropdown selection if the product is already archived.
  • Fixed issue where disabling the Stripe integration and then enabling it back results to a fatal error and the screen for the Stripe Integration settings page just keeps showing the loading screen.


  • Added “Member Pricing Saved.” feedback when saving member pricing.


  • Added hooks/filters to support showing third party integrations in WishList Member > Integrations.
  • Text changes under Content Control and Content Protection sections.
  • Fixed typo on the Clickbank’s Product modal.