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WishList Member 3.24.0


  • Upgraded API connection to use Stripe Connect
  • Supported on-page payment form by adding on_page=1 to the wlm_stripe_btn shortcode
  • Indicate archived prices in the product plans selection area
  • Improved shortcode creator
  • Fixed broken wlm_stripe_profile shortcode
  • Disable the Pay button after the clicking if a successful token has been created. Also change the “Pay” text to “Processing”
  • Added extra checking for Stripe Invoice ID for recurring events
  • Fixed issue where the correct transaction ID for Stripe (CustomerID + Price ID) is not being returned on subscription cycle webhook events


  • Added a warning message when both Keap Shopping Cart and Email Provider are enabled and both are using the same Keap Account/API Key
  • Adjusted the width of the “Order Form Web Page URL” on the Keap Payment Provider setting
  • Updated the warning text in both the Keap integration


  • Fixed Minor Grammar issue / text change


  • Fixed issue where cannot remove the member from a level connected to the LearnDash Course
  • Fixed issue where cannot add member to the same level when removed from it even if LearnDash is not active
  • Fixed an issue where removing users from a level which is tied to a course action will cause a loop if they have a membership left that isn’t tied to any course actions
  • Fixed an issue where set_membership_levels() won’t work when the user will be left with 0 levels after removal of level tied to a LearnDash course


  • Fixed a bug that causes two accounts to be created for a single purchase due to the auto-complete setting triggering after the delay while the user is still in the registration form


  • Fixed history of levels with an immediate level action not recording the trigger action
  • Fixed the issue with export members dates not following the WordPress date and time format
  • Fixed exported members file dates does not follow the WordPress date and time format

Content Scheduler

  • Fixed an issue where enabling Object Cache Pro will cause “404 page not found” error message when trying to access a page that contains scheduled content


  • Fixed Dashboard Support section links
  • Fixed a bunch of PHP errors, warnings and notices
  • Fixed broken “Lost your Password” link in WishList Member login form
  • Added tooltips for the Member Action button shortcode creator
  • Replaced video tutorial links with links to the knowledgebase instead
  • Added Easy Affiliates and Monster Insights support for Authorize.net – Simple Checkout integration
  • Added Easy Affiliates and Monster Insights supports for Authorize.net – Automatic Recurring Billing integration
  • Fixed custom registration form issue where radio buttons and checkboxes trigger the “Duplicate Name” error preventing the form from being saved