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WishList Member 3.25.0


  • Added “specific date” content scheduling in Content Control.
  • Added Growth Tools.
  • Added EasyAffiliate Pro integration placeholder.
  • Added MonsterInsights integration placeholder.


  • Fixed issue where added Profile Types are not showing for the user when the user first gets added via WordPress > Users and then gets added to a membership level.


  • Fixed issue where you can never clear a selected form in CovertKit Membership Level Actions.

PayPal Checkout

  • Fixed cancellations dates getting and extra month when cancellation type is set to cancel at the end of subscription.


  • Added Description when creating a Stripe Subscription.
  • Fixed fatal error on Stripe invoice.payment_succeeded webhook event.
  • Added 500ms delay before validating coupon code.
  • Removed three-character minimum limit for coupon codes.
  • Fixed issue where the preview price is doubled when prorating a subscription that is in trial period.
  • Fixed Stripe prorations allowed even for inactive subscriptions.
  • Removed membership level from proration list if it is the same as the one being bought.
  • Fixed pay button staying disabled after coupon checking.
  • Displayed “Checking Coupon Code” text under the coupon field instead of changing the button text.
  • Synchronized the button re-enabling and the coupon status update text.
  • Updated order summary for prorations.
  • WooCommerce
  • Fixed an issue where existing non-member users purchasing a “Fixed Term” level will get an incorrect registration date that’s set in the future which may also grant access depending on their previous expiration date.


  • Fixed an issue where adding a member manually to a level takes about 2-3 minutes to load when the site contains a high number of levels that have sequential upgrades enabled.
  • Fix for scheduling “remove” and “move” member to/from a membership level.
  • Fixed issue when editing a user and the role becomes administrator if the first role is not in list of default rules.
  • Fixed registration date not following timezone settings.
  • Fixed issue where No email will be sent when Manually adding a member to a level.
  • Fixed issue where the “Send Email Notification” uses the Global Email notification defaults.
  • Fixed issue where the Members > Manage List is empty.
  • Fixed issue where you can’t manually remove a member from a Level.
  • Fixed issue with scheduled level removal where level is immediately removed even when the date is set in the future.
  • Allowed searching for email address on temp accounts.
  • Fix issue where the notification message says the level is scheduled to be removed when the action is to immediately remove the member’s level.


  • Update on Automatically Add non-WishList Member User Registrations to this Level feature. We now send registration email notifications when users are added via the “Automatically Add non-WishList Member User Registrations to this Level” feature if the level’s settings for the email notifications are enabled.


  • Updated the tooltip to include information with regards to the calculation of registration date when the level is a Fixed Term.


  • Changed way of embedding in plugin videos.
  • Fix “Error loading block” error when applying access restrictions to the WishList Member blocks.
  • Updated the “Learn more about… Affiliate Program” redirect text and link.
  • Fixed a Fatal Error that was caused by our Shortcode function processing shortcodes with the same parameters that is also used by other plugins such as “city”, “zip”, “state”, etc.
  • Fix Addons Manager UI for small screen size.
  • Fixed PHP Warnings and Deprecated messages.
  • Fixed the PHP notice when directly passing the result of a method call to array_shift().
  • Fixed division by zero fatal error.