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WishList Member 3.26.0


  • Bumped minimum WordPress requirement to 6.0
  • Bumped minimum PHP requirement to 7.4
  • Updated selfcheck version requirements
  • Replaced strnatcmp() with version_compare() for PHP and WordPress version checking
  • Fixed WishList Member Add-ons showing updates are available in the WordPress plugins section even if there is none


  • Fixed non-working remove level course action for LearnDash
  • Fixed access not being cancelled after subscription cancellation/expiration on WooCommerce
  • Text changes for Easy Affiliate integration
  • Fixed Stripe proration still issuing the level on failed payments
  • Added wishlistmember_paypalec_ipn_response action for verified PayPal Checkout IPNs similar to PayPal Legacy
  • Fixed ClickBank order bumps level not getting added to the member’s level. Also added wishlistmember_clickbank_process_order_bumps action
  • Replaced all instances of “Re-registered” with “Uncancelled”


  • Fixed the response for GET /level/{level_id} and wlmapi_get_level() pertaining to the “access_all_xxx” properties
  • Added link to KB article https://wishlistmember.com/docs/api-url-api-data-not-being-received/ below the API URL field in the Advanced Settings > API
  • Updated the API URL tooltip in Advanced Settings > API
  • Added no-cache header to API responses to prevent caching of API responses


  • Fixed issue where the per level Custom After Logout redirect is not being processed
  • Supported “Select All” to in levels dropdown


  • Fix slow search and timeout issue in Manage Member screen for sites with a lots of members
  • Fixed broken registration date updates when date/time format contains backwards slashes or if the format is non-standard


  • Fixed issue where per level after registration page is displayed instead of the “email requires confirmation” or “admin requires approval” page if these are enabled