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WishList Member 3.26.3

  • Fixed member count not being synced properly preventing membership levels with no members from being deleted
  • Fixed issue where searching for active members returns a result of 0
  • Added level order column to Membership Levels list under Setup > Levels
  • Fixed WooCommerce integration uncancelling the level when parent order status is changed to completed (or any “active” statuses) even if the subscription is cancelled
  • Fixed WooCommerce Transaction ID is replaced on order status change
  • Added \WishListMember\User->Levels[ $level_id ]['metas'] for easier access to level metas
  • Fixed a bunch of PHP warnings, notices, undefined properties and deprecated errors
  • Fixed incorrect links in WishList Member Dashboard
  • Fixed Content Scheduler not working on content set to “private”
  • Update versions of vulnerable JavaScript libraries
  • Show the parent post in Content Protection even if the parent is a different post type
  • Only show categories column if post type has categories and show parent column if the post type doesnt have categories in Content Protection screen
  • Fixed unconfirmed members getting added to list/tags of various integrations when they are added through API. Integrations affected are Automizy, Drip, FluentCRM, Groundhogg, Keap, Sendlane, BuddyBoss, Callloop, Evidence, Slack, Webhooks, Zapier
  • Fixed caching issues when generating WishList Member Magic Page
  • Hide Stripe cancellation row when cancellation is disabled
  • Fixed WooCommerce member pricing not being applied to product variations
  • Optimized database query when retrieving membership level stats to minimize query length and joins
  • Added filters on the [wlm_loginform] and [wlm_profileform] shortcode
  • Fixed Stripe issue where customer is able to click pay even when the coupon is invalid
  • Fixed Content Archiver date
  • Fixed Member status search
  • Added a link in Stripe Integration going to a KB article on how to connect Stripe