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WishList Member 3.26.7

Version 3.26.7

  • Added a toggle option to hide/show inaccessible scheduled content in post listings in Content Scheduler
  • Fixed unapproved members having access to protected Elementor containers
  • Updated the create level API endpoint to include the expiration option for a specific date
  • Updated the update level API endpoint to be able to edit the expiration option and set it to a specific date
  • Fixed Stripe integration creating duplicate account in Stripe if an already existing customers re-purchases while logged out
  • Updated Stripe integration to only delete customers that are newly created by WishList Member if the payment fails during the registration process
  • Security Fixes:
    • CVE-2024-37106
    • CVE-2024-37107
    • CVE-2024-37108
    • CVE-2024-37109
    • CVE-2024-37110
    • CVE-2024-37110
    • CVE-2024-37111
    • CVE-2024-37112
    • CVE-2024-37113