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CourseCure v1.0.4

Quizzes (NEW)

  • Added Quizzes add-on
  • Added Courses integration to Quizzes


  • Made use of JavaScript i18n support in WordPress 5.0
  • Added the charset_collate to set the default collation of the tables.
  • Updated the Author Name to WishList Products.
  • Fixed PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: readdir(): Argument #1 ($dir_handle) must be of type resource or null, bool given.
  • Fixed “Deprecated: Optional parameter” warnings on PHP 8.
  • Added the Quiz Badges.


  • Made use of JavaScript i18n support in WordPress 5.0
  • Fix Oxygen Builder, OptimizePress Theme issue where course, modules and lessons template does not work
  • Fix translation problems with Javascript. Complete button and comment reply message cannot be translated.
  • Added strings for translations that was missed.
  • Load assets/style.rtl.css instead of assets/style.css for RTL sites
  • Fix issues where Index page is not created properly sometimes
  • Added settings in WP Permalinks section for Courses permalink settings
  • Fix duration says mins even if its only secs
  • Updated parts of the code to use the functions of lessons, module and course
  • Remove unnecessary translation functions for strings in variable
  • Added search function in course library
  • Added option in Settings > Layout to hide or show the search bar in course library
  • Reversed the option in Settings > Layout, instead of Disable if checked, it will be enable. Added also a code to port the settings to new settings for these.
  • Move header and footer code to a separate file
  • Fix issue where Resources file size shows 0.00MB
  • Added Pay Per Course under Course Builder > Access
  • Next and Previous Lesson button will be Next/Previous Module if linked to the next module.
  • Added recommended Image size in Course Featured and Cover Image
  • Added Overlay settings in Course Cover Image
  • Course Access > System Page Modal title and Default label updates
  • Course Access > System Page Modal Default setting tool tip update
  • Fix When editing course title, textbox is too short
  • Hide Next/Previous lesson if they don’t have access to it.
  • Course Builder allows to drag lesson from one module to another
  • Lesson’s next/previous button will now be display if user has no access to it but should not be clickable.
  • Lessons Complete button is replace with text if lesson is in preview
  • Fixed typo “0 lesson” to “0 Lessons”
  • Fix Empty Module page error when editing in Elementor
  • Fix Access > System Pages > Message empty
  • Fix First New lesson added to a module does not show up. Needs to refresh the page
  • Fix Course page error when being edited in Elementor.
  • Added duplicate course button under Course Builder courses listing
  • Display error message if a course cannot be deleted for any number of reasons
  • Added translation comment
  • Lesson and Module Redirect page changes. If Lesson or Modules redirect page is not set, use the one from the course
  • Front-end
    • Added RTL CSS & fixes
    • Lesson styling fix (removed general <p> style)
    • Fixed GeneratePress CSS conflict
    • Fix container background issue when using GeneratePress theme
    • Fixed Avada theme accordion collapse
    • Fix for Avada theme container overflow: hidden issue
    • Added width: 100% to courses wrap


  • Made use of JavaScript i18n support in WordPress 5.0
  • Added charset_collate to set the default collation of the tables.
  • Fixed issue where Setup Rules such as “On Login” aren’t being processed.
  • Updated the Author Name to WishList Products.
  • Fixed “Deprecated: Optional parameter” warnings on PHP 8.
  • Fixed issue where some entries on the logs displays the user_login in the email address area instead of the email address of the user.


  • Only check for new plugin version if version number starts with a number
  • Added version upgrade information to WishList Member dashboard. This feature requires WLM build 8226 or higher
  • Fixed PHP8: passing null to trim() deprecated errors