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CourseCure v1.0.5


  • Fixed Course Library shortcode issue when used in inside Elementor widget
  • Display error message when deleting a lesson or module with pay per course
  • Added filter for wlm_userpayperpost shortcode in pay per course list
  • Removed Lessons and Modules from the list of pay per course using wlm_userpayperpost shortcode
  • Fixed UI issue in Course Builder using Safari browser
  • Migrated settings to WordPress options database table
  • Changed Translations tab to Labels tab
  • Added View Lesson button in lesson’s list
  • Added settings for View Module and Lesson button label
  • Added settings for course information bar labels
  • Added a setting for Module Progress label
  • Added support for media in module’s overview and lesson’s overview
  • Fixed module’s cover image overlay to use the course’s overlay setting
  • Fixed button labels on Course Library page
  • Fixed lesson and module ordering after a lesson/module is deleted, trashed or untrashed
  • Fixed issue of not being able to drag and drop Beaver Builder widgets


  • Fixed issue on action hooks
  • Fixed issue where you can save a QUIZ action even when the user didn’t select a Membership Level (if the action is add/remove to level) or a Pay Per Post (if the action is add/remove to Payperpost).
  • Fixed issue where course quiz can be moved/sorted below the “Add Lesson” and “Add Quiz” buttons.
  • Fixed issue where the quiz dropdown’s width when adding a new Course Quiz is being compressed and the quiz list options aren’t being shown.
  • Fixed issue where the “Completed a Course/Module” actions are being triggered even though the Course still has some incomplete quizzes.


  • Fixed issues where completing a module or a course action hook is not triggered when submitting the quiz.