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WishList Member v2.6 Build 1022


  • Fixed Minor Email Broadcast Issues with UI.
  • Clickbank integration now fully supports v1, v2.0 and v2.1
  • Fixed wrong require path for 1ShoppingCart API
  • Mime-type not being read correctly by some browsers resulting in non-downloadable and garbled pdf’s
  • Fixed user still being deleted even if admin selects “Cancel” in confirmation.
  • Fixed so that form prefill after registration still works even if there’s no shipping address
  • Fixed downloading large files causing script to max memory limit
  • API Changes to PWC requiring Merchant ID to be sent for order confirmation.
  • Fixed version checking to work properly with builds higher than 999
  • Fixed Bug in HTML Email Broadcast. (ie. Unwanted characters and broken HTML tags)
  • Fix for default protection bug when page/post is new/draft.
  • Fix for private by removing extra space at start or end of levels name.
  • Loaded thickbox for registration pages (fixes TOS not popping up in a lightbox)
  • Fixed non-working Mailchimp unsubscribe check box


  • Added capability to accept password and username in Generic integration
  • Added Advanced and Easy folder protection
  • Added /resources resource to API 2. /resources lists all available resources and its supported methods


  • Removed link for sorting for Membership Levels header in the collapsible table
  • Email Broadcast Editor changes
  • Added $charset to mail sending functions to allow for forcing of character encoding in emails. If $charset is not specified, it defaults to the WP charset setting in Settings -> Reading
  • Alter Email Broadcast Table to utf8
  • Changed tooltip for folder protection root folder
  • Password is no longer included in admin notifications. If email template still uses ******** merge code, then the value that will be displayed is ********. Note, that password is still included in the welcome e-mail because this welcome e-mail is only sent to the user (not admin).