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WishList Member v2.6 Build 949


  • Setup Wizard
  • Settings Import / Export
  • Custom Registration Forms
  • New Membership Levels Interface
  • Members tab enhancements
  • Collapsible list of membership levels if it occupies more than two lines
  • Show Only Latest Level checkbox
  • Infusionsoft Autoresponder Integration
  • Added logs for Email Broadcast and re-queueing of failed e-mail recipients


  • Removed cron instructions from the Settings tab and just added to the bottom of the Configuration section
  • Moved registration CSS from Settings -> Advanced to Settings -> Registration -> Custom CSS
  • Moved registration instructions from Settings -> Advanced to Settings -> Registration _> Header / Footer
  • Allowed first name and last name to be made optional and even removed via custom registration form
  • Admin is no longer required to enter firstname and lastname when adding users from Members tab
  • Fixed registration URL and confirmation URL bug when index.html exists in WP installation folder by adding index.php to the said URLs


  • Fixed after registration redirection bug where new users are redirected to the homepage instead of the “require email confirmation” page if “require email confirmation” is enabled
  • Fixed “uncancel on re-registration” bug where WLM only uncancels the level being registered to and not all of the levels with the same transaction ID
  • Fixed “November 30, 2010? registration date bug on user’s profile
  • Rewrote GetResponse API to use their new API