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WishList Member v2.6 Build 962


  • Modified Clickbank integration so that test account purchases can be cancelled
  • Changed registration error message to not include instructions to use existing members link if existing members link is disabled
  • Added tooltip to grayed out delete link on Membership levels tab


  • Removed debugging in Clickbank integration
  • Prevent the registration URL from being cut off in the Membership Levels tab
  • Modified templates handling so that they are not obfuscated
  • Fixed password mismatch issue when password field is edited in custom registration form
  • Fixed problem with custom post types disappearing if “Only show content for level” is enabled
  • Infusionsoft API key truncation fix. This should prevent key mismatches when copy and pasting API keys which are longer than 40 chars
  • Fixed iDevAffiliate incompatibility with new version of WishList Member