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WishList Member v2.7 Build 1076


  • New User Interface
  • Added User Posts support
  • Added Pay Per Post support
  • Added GotoWebinar integration
  • Added 2CheckOut integration
  • Added iContact integration
  • Added option to disable sending passwords in admin email
  • Added user_email and user_login filters to API2 /members resource
  • Added unsubscribe column to member export file

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Aweber integration bug
  • Fixed 1ShoppingCart full integration issues for recurring payments
  • Fixed Lightbox issue due to jQuery1.6 conflict in WP 3.2
  • Fixed issue when previewing HTML Email broadcasts
  • Fixed issue with folder protection downloading big files
  • Fixed issue with file protection downloading big files
  • Fixed ERROR in ALTER Table at Emailbroadcast when Adding the new column failed_Address
  • Fixed code to automatically remove non-alpha and numeric characters from custom registration form field names
  • Fixed API2 status checking for Content Protection
  • Fixed GetMembershipContent to load all content IDs if the level passed has access to all content specified
  • Fixed cookie issues with API2 when using an older version of cURL to access the API
  • Fixed bug where the can spam messages aren’t being transalated
  • Fixed issues where users are not renewed after payment using shopping cart. But they are renewed when directly using the link of the membership level registration.
  • Fixed infinite loop issue in OnlyListCatsForLevel hook. Fix is somehow necessary for some setups but not all.


  • Migrated Content Level information from serialized array to MySQL. This allows for easy support of custom post types as well as user level content
  • Modified necessary functions to match the database change
  • Updated reCAPTCHA library and links
  • Modified implementation of post/page metabox so that it works just like any other WP metabox – sortable and draggable
  • Stylized the selfcheck tool. Can be accessed at /wp-content/plugins/wishlist-member/selfcheck