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WishList Member v2.7 Build 1137 (Dev)


  • Added support for custom taxonomies
  • Added Quick Pay Pro to shopping cart integration
  • Added link to integration video tutorials for Auto Response Plus, Aweber, MailChimp, Interspire, 1ShoppingCart, Clickbank, InfusionSoft, Paypal, Premium Web Cart, Quick Pay Pro, 2CheckOut and GotoWebinar
  • Added Subscribe column on members tab. Sorting/Filtering be added later. Still looking for better way to do it.
  • Added a function that will notify admin whenever new user unsubscribe to the mailing list.
  • Added Email Notification for users with Incomplete Registration. For now, its triggered daily. Can be forced run using a GET parameter “regnotification=1? to the url.
  • Added “Hide protected posts frm public RSS” option in Settings -> Protection Defaults. If set to Yes, then all protected posts not be included in the RSS even if hide/show is set to NO. On the other hand, if this option is set to NO then it will only display excerpts of protected posts in RSS.
  • Added support for custom post types in API2
  • Added user posts support for API2
  • Added custom fields to email broadcast merge codes
  • Added more merge codes to email broadcast as well

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem where users have access to post even if their status is unconfirmed or unapproved
  • Bugfix for InfusionSoft 3 part payment.
  • Fixed custom post type membership level checkboxes not retaining value in metabox
  • Fixed bug where users are logged in after registration
  • Fixed issue with InfusionSoft integration cancelling members when recurring subscription is completed
  • Fixed after login redirect for inpage login form.
  • Fixed custom post types support to “Only show content for each membership level” setting
  • Fixed issue with Protected Categories showing on the category widget
  • Fixed issue when Permalink is ON, user can still see protected cats when visiting other pages. It only prevents them on the homepage.
  • Fixed Pay Per Post support for Premium Web Cart
  • Fixed Pay Per Post support for Red Oak Cart, 2Checkout and Ultracart
  • Fixed GMT computation of last login date in profile view
  • Fixed 2checkout integration
  • Mailchimp Api call is failing even on 1.2, This moves the api call to 1.3 and adds the NAME param
  • Fixed expired membership redirects not firing when there is at least 1 membership still active
  • Fixed the broken “Show Only Latest Level”
  • Fix post_type issue used wp global function instead of hardcoded type
  • Fixed endless loop error when “hide/show” is on and a member is in a level that has access to all categories.
  • Fixed TOS lightbox issue for registration forms generated via merge code.
  • Updated 2checkout’s support link
  • Fixed non-working API2 /protected/{$content_type} resource
  • Assign membership level specified role to newly created users in API2
  • Better algo for expired membership checking.
  • Also added the expired membership setting to the exclude pages list
  • Fixed issue with content not being accessible if access to all content is checked in the membership levels tab
  • Fixed content access and error page redirection for protected content. WLM now properly redirects to the expired, for confirmation, for approval, and canceled pages respectively if needed be.
  • Fixed editing of user’s level registration date for sites that have time zones set to any positive UTC.


  • Used existing GetMimeType for folder protection. as result now folder protection supports wider range of file type such as SWF
  • mp4 added to GetMimeType
  • Removed force download for folder protection. so files such as SWF can display at browser instead of showing a save dialog
  • Added to infusionsoft autoresponder process that will opt-in a user once they are added to the contacts.
  • Added demo mode support to 2checkout integration
  • Added option to select number of items per page for posts in the membership content tab
  • PWC Cancellation support.
  • Changed email broadcast merge code selection frm html list to dropdown
  • Modified implementation of wlm shortcodes to support email broadcast shortcodes


  • Added wpdb and object cache flushing when importing members to save memory
  • Excluded WLM options when preloading to save memory