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WishList Member v2.7 Build 1194

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in iDevAffiliate where recurring commissions aren’t being tracked properly
  • Fixed bug where the use of [register_level] tags causes the page layout to break in IE
  • Email broadcast produce error that emails are not sent if the subject has special characters
  • Fixed issue with File Protection inheritance if membership level has access to All Pages or All Posts enabled
  • Fixed issue with the first post being replaced by the last post in the loop
  • Fixed jQuery conflict with old datepicker by using current datepicker UI included in WP. Also added updated redmond theme
  • Fixed issue introduced in 1174 with creation of custom registration form that prevents the user to select/make changes to the form
  • Fixed issue where protected posts are displayed in RSS even if hide/show for RSS is enabled
  • Fixed auto login when registering for a pay per post via integration
  • Fixed 2CheckOut white page issue when header return method is used
  • Fixed bug where when the site fails querying the latest version, WLM bogs the site down
  • Improved activation mechanism so that it no longer keeps on trying if connection fails and cause client server to crash
  • Fixed issue with password reset link
  • Fixed issue with category protection settings not working
  • Fixed issue with Some Themes due to admin CSS is included even in frontpage called when checking license


  • Added fallback for paypal free trial subscriptions. Fallback works by asking the client for his paypal email address in order to
  • continue. WLM then checks if the email is registered as incomplete and if so continues from there
  • Support latest version of InfusionSoft API and Tables
  • Support InfusionSoft Free Trial (Free # of Days)
  • Added memory limit checking. The recommended mem-limit is 64M
  • Ajaxified RSS feed fetching


  • Added link to force checking of new updates in dashboard
  • Added option add non-members to a level in Membership Levels -> Move Membership Levels
  • Added wlm_min_passlength short code and Ability to Add,Move and Remove user level