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WishList Member v2.7 Build 1436


  • Added shortcode. Displays user’s join date for Level
  • Added shortcode. Displays user’s join date for Level using the specified date format
  • Added WLM Address Fields to Custom Registration Form


  • Updated Paypal Integration as preparation for their update on feb 2013 on PDT and IPN verification
  • Added “recurring_payment_suspended_due_to_max_failed_payment” txn_type in Paypal as an IPN status to deactivate members membership.
  • SendQueuedMail now uses the settings memory allocation
  • Added support for custom taxonomies in function OnlyListNavMenuItemsForLevel.
  • Server unaivailable message now only lasts for 12hours after the latest checking
  • Prevented WLM from updating WLM-related profile if $_POST[‘wlm_updating_profile’] is not set
  • Added support for SendMail when updating users via the API
  • Updated Paypal and Infusionsoft Integration instructions
  • Added trademark symbol to dashboard and plugin description
  • Updated Infusionsoft Integration to check using invoice number if subscription id is not present.
  • Added archive_template filter. This will include checking for protected custom taxonomies in the Process function.
  • Added custom fields when exporting full member data
  • Added option to export passwords in encrypted form when exporting members
  • Added capability to import encrypted password when importing members
  • Added an option for admin to send reset password link to user
  • Aesthetic changes to member profile page
  • Replaced archive_template with taxonomy_template as the filter for custom taxonomies
  • Added an option to use registration date in import file if available.
  • Added separate email message for registrations that require admin approval
  • Removed the code that requires the file AuthorizeNetSOAP.php since this is not being used in the current integration.
  • Converted $getdata as array in the array_merge
  • Added support for “Refund” on Reason Stopped of subscription. By putting, “Refund” on the Reason Stopped of Infusionsoft Subscription, the member will automatically be cancelled on the level even if the next bill date is no yet reach.
  • Added support for payperpost users to access contents inside shortcodes.
  • Additional update on adding support for payperpost users access to shortcode.
  • Added cron job instructions for 1SC integration.
  • Added debugging to wlmapiclass.php.WLMAPICLASS_DEBUG
  • Added the Updated version of TinyMCE Plugin
  • Added email notification to members when member’s registration is approved.
  • Added support for add/move to groups when a member is remove from membership level

Bug Fixes

  • Latest paypal update returns Invalid Host Header during authentication. Known on Sandbox account only.
  • Fix bug on paypal regarding the last update on their release next year.
  • People are still marked as EXPIRED even after they repurchase and the settings was set to reset reg date.
  • API fix for filtering the results when calling /members
  • Fixed month computation
  • Hide ‘cannot connect to server’ notice from normal users
  • Also hide another keyprocessing message from normal users
  • Fix for the previous 7month activation period checking
  • Fix issue with members not being added to the autoresponders after the successful payment in the shoppingcart
  • Fix for word Level/Levels at WLM widget login
  • Singular and plural form of translate don’t work. “» Level”, “» Levels” are separated.
  • Fix issue where payperpost members can’t view the list of page links which are displayed using wp_list_pages even though they have access with it.
  • Prefixed CSS classes to prevent conflicts
  • Fix comment restriction bug of custom post type. Added checking for custom post type and membership levels
  • First name and last name are not being displayed in the Registration Email if it’s being sent when a user confirms their registration.
  • Fixed incorrect timestamp when adding levels via /members
  • Bug fix, Error messages won’t show up when adding a new member
  • Fixed _level_members sql error (empty IN())
  • Fix minor issue on getting subscription details
  • Fixed Minor Adjustment with Infusionsoft Integration where Invoice ID is the same as Subscription ID
  • Fixed Bug for Subscription with no subscription id and you get white page becuase JobId was not included in the variables
  • Fix the issue with “Reset WishList Member Settings” not working.
  • Added wishlist_member_admin class to admin page wrap for specifying CSS only on WLM admin pages
  • Adjusted admin-more.css to use new wishlist_member_admin class for altering H2 tag on WLM admin pages. Keeps the H2 styling from being applied to plugins outside of WLM.
  • Fixed caching in Get_UserLevelMeta. False values aren’t getting cached causing successive calls to not hit the cache
  • Fixed ignore list
  • Performance enhancement to recent comments
  • Removing ScheduleReloadAttachments call from Init()
  • RecentComments not ignoring admin
  • Fixed issue with redundant user of array_merge
  • Hotfix for recent comments affecting performance
  • Fix for comments not appearing when recent comments widget is turned off
  • Fix Last Login date showing 1970/1969
  • Fix for not appearing “Password has to be at least %d characters long and must not contain spaces” message at po file
  • UltraCart Automatic creation of account fails if the email used in the purchase is already in used by existing members.
  • Fixed tooltip for require email confirmation after registration
  • Corrected id=”#….” to id=”….”
  • Corrected missing help icon probably introduced in a previous commit
  • Made modifications to admin’s add new member form
  • Fixed fatal error caused by trying to add 0 to an array ($post_id) in RegistrationURL
  • Fixed issue with WLM tooltips not showing in WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed issue with the Members Address section not displaying when members visit their dashboard (Profile Page).
  • Fixed infusionsoft integration that uses new order form.
  • Fix 1960/1970 registration date for users with no membership levels. Displayed “-” instead.
  • Fixed issue with members comments not showing on non protected pages.
  • Fix bug with category protection radio button. Protection value is not properly displayed.
  • Fix the issue with displaying body of some file types using IE (new file types : xlsx,xltx,potx,ppsx,pptx,sldx,docx,dotx,xlam,xlsb)
  • Bug fix with the query on the Preload function. Changed xxxssappxxx% into xxxssapxxx%