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WishList Member v2.8 Build 1851

Performance Updates:


  • 1Shoppingcart performance fix for syncing orders
  • Added API Queue for MailChimp
  • Improved loading of integration files so that we only load integration files (shopping cart, autoresponder, webinar) that we need.

Member Import / Export:

  • Faster member import. We now only sync once after importing all members instead of after each member is added

Sequential Upgrade:

  • Limited individual sequential upgrade calls to max of once per hour only
  • Improved sequential upgrade code. Twice as fast, less memory consumption and no need for reruns.


  • Added additional indexes to contentlevels, contentlevel_options, userlevels, userlevel_options and user_options tables to improve query speeds
  • Performance fix for really slow queries for sites having a lot of posts
  • Improved speed of FileProtection. No more big post query while adding/deleting/editing a file to/from WP media. Also no more cron job on above items. Instead we update cached object one time on first access to one of protected file.
  • Added caching when counting members in a level to reduce the number of mysql calls. Especially helpful for sites with lots of levels.

Other Performance Updates:

  • Added check to WLMDecrypt so that it aborts if the last 32 characters of the data to be decrypted does not match an md5 hash format.
  • Added a file caching class
  • We no longer to connect to the activation server if the license key or license email is empty
  • Improved code for saving specific system pages. This prevents saving of useless data in database

New Features:

Autoresponder Integrations:

  • arpReach
  • Improved MailChimp
  • Improved Infusionsoft
  • Call Loop
  • Mad Mimi
  • ActiveCampaign

Shopping Cart Integrations:

  • eWAY
  • Recurly
  • Spreedly
  • Stripe
  • Improved Clickbank (Supports PitchPlus Upsell)
  • Improved Infusionsoft (Add and Remove Tags on Registration, Removal and Cancelation)
  • Support Paypal echeck payments
  • Webinar Integrations:
  • Easy Webinar
  • Evergreen Business Systems
  • Gotowebinar API

Members Tab:

  • Advanced Search
  • Saved Search

Short Codes / Merge Codes:

  • – shows the membership levels that has access to a post/page whenever he is redirected to a wrong membership level.
  • & short codes
  • You need to log in to view your Pay Per Posts. – lists all of a user’s pay per posts

Email Broadcast:

  • Allow sending email broadcast to Saved Search

Pay Per Post:

  • Capability to add/remove pay per post to/from multiple users in the members tab
  • Added Option to prevent the deletion of posts/pages assigned as pay per post.
  • Added hooks when a pay per post is added to a user.

Members Import / Export:

  • Include custom fields when exporting with full data
  • Support for custom fields when importing members
  • Added support for importing and exporting members with multiple membership level


  • Improved registration form layout. The new registration form is no longer table based and is responsive. Can be enabled under Settings->Configuration->Miscellaneous
  • Added capability to add custom message to registration form by passing the GET variable wlm_reg_msg to the registration URL.
  • Added new hooks for user registration
  • Added option for enabling the redirect for existing members when the email is already in use after shopping cart payment

Sequential Upgrade:

  • Added option to sequentially upgrade on specific date
  • Added option to sequentially upgrade on x days/weeks/months/years

Other New Features:

  • Option/feature to shorten continue registration links for incomplete registrations
  • Email reminder notification for Expiring Members.
  • Added Password Hint feature
  • Moved WishList Member to its own Top Level Menu
  • Added support icon tab
  • Added option under Settings->Logs to send anonymous data to server.
  • Improved Membership Levels tab interface