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WishList Member v2.8 Build 1877

Bug Fixes:

Import Members:

  • Fixed the issue on Importing Members where the setting “Process AutoResponder integration” works in reverse

Membership Levels:

  • Fixed issue with incorrect members count when user is deleted or removed from a membership level(s)
  • Fixed issue where membership level cannot be deleted even if there are no more members in it

File Protection:

  • Fixed protected file download having corrupted file body if GZIP is enabled at server


  • Checked if 1ShoppingCart class is already loaded before loading it
  • Checked if the xmlrpc library is already loaded before loading it



  • Modified SyncMembership to run its DELETE queries only once every hour unless the $force_sync parameter is passed

File Protection:

  • Parallel download, buffering, and seeking added to File protection


  • Added action hook wlmem_paypal_pdt_response upon receiving PayPal PDT
  • Added Option for PayPal Integration whether to cancel the subscription right away or not when payment is cancelled from PayPal subscription
  • Added hooks to some of the shopping cart integration files for successful rebill.


  • Updated WLMAPIMethods::member_can_access() to support custom post types.