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WishList Member v2.8 Build 1936



  • Added Eway Integration

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed Stripe plans being limited to just 10
  • Fixed typo on the Stripe integration admin
  • Fixed bug where an integration class is not being registered when it has already been previously included (ie. init files)
  • Fixed InfusionSoft integrations where tags do not show up when it has no category


  • Fixed issues with InfusionSoft AutoResponder Integration when using Clickbank
  • Fixed InfusionSoft AutoResponder integration where only the first Sequence ID is saved
  • Fixed issues of Non Marketable in InfusionSoft AutoResponder Integration


  • Missing slash added to the default Registration Form CSS comment


  • Fixed POST/PUT for /members/id not setting levels if levels passed contain transaction id and/or timestamp
  • Fixed POST /levels/{level_id}/members returning all users when adding users. We now only return info for the users that were added
  • Fixed /auth just returning a new lock when hash is invalid instead. We now return a proper error message
  • Fixed GET /levels/{level_id}/{content} returning nothing
  • Fixed /protected/posts and /levels/protected/posts not working


  • Fixed issue with admin interface on WordPress 3.8
  • Fixed issue with login form shortcode
  • Fixed Dashboard Feed error if feed cannot be fetched



  • When adding through InfusionSoft Campaign builder, display name is now set to First Name + Last Name. Also added new parameter WLMSequential with default value of true
  • Prevent styles from overriding text fields in the Stripe payment forms
  • Added shoppingcart rebill hook to Stripe Integration.
  • Added sandbox setting for Authorize.net integration


  • wlmapiclass methods get, post, put and delete will no longer “die” if there’s no auth lock to open. They will instead return false. A description of the error that occurred will be stored in the object’s auth_error property
  • Added is_protected method to core/api-helper/class-api-methods.php
  • Added wlmapi_is_protected function to core/api-helper/functions.php
  • Added filter[‘ID’] to API2 GET /levels/{level_id}/members. Value can be a single ID or an array
  • Added pagination capability to the following API2 resources (off by default) by passing __page__ (1-based) and __per_page__ (default is 50) to the query string.
    • GET /levels/{level_id}/members
    • GET /txnid/{transaction_id}/members
    • GET /levels/{level_id}/{content_type}
    • GET /members
    • GET /content/{content_type}
    • GET /protected/{content_type}
  • Added pagination info if __pagination__ is passed with a value of 1 to the query string


  • Added wlm_loginurl, wlm_rss, wlm_expiry and wlm_joindate to shortcode dropdown
  • Added .staging.wpengine.com to license exempted URLs