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WishList Member v2.8 Build 2119

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Infusionsoft Integration bug where members are not cancelled if they haven’t paid for the last invoice because it still waits for next bill date. We now cancel them if their last payment failed and the subscription is Inactive.
  • Fixed issue with double single quote on query when getting Pay-Per-Post Content
  • Fixed issue with scheduled add/move to a level where are members are instantly added/moved
  • Fixed the incorrect personal WishList Member Feed URL that appears when editing a user
  • Fixed wrong datatype for second argument Warning when $protected_types is empty. (Expecting an array)
  • Fixed issue where WishList Access Control can no longer limit WishList Member sections after 2.8 release
  • Fixed Undefined admin_js that appears when adding/editing posts, pages, and medias.
  • Prevent payment form from refreshing the page when it’s closed
  • Show stripe info only when user is an admin

WordPress 3.9 Fixes

  • Updated backup code to use mysqli if WordPress is configured to do so.
  • Fixed TinyMCE shortcode inserter issue


  • Added feature to be able to change a user’s Infusionsoft contact id on user profile.
  • Added AUD support for Stripe
  • Hide stripe info under user profile api keys aren’t filled out
  • Added option to send anonymous data to WishList Products server to help improve WishList Member. Anonymous data being sent are:
    • PHP Version and SAPI
    • Web Server
    • Language
    • WishList Member version
    • Payment integration used
    • Auto-responder integration used
    • Webinar integration used
    • Number of membership levels configured
    • Number of members
    • Sequential Upgrade is used or not
    • Custom registration form is used or not
    • API is used or not

Performance Update

  • Updated “select distinct concat” query to “select concat … group by”