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WishList Member v2.8 Build 2400



  • Added support for changing username via API
  • Added support to include more metas when retrieving members for levels
  • Added support to respond with active members only for /level_members
  • Added custom post types to /levels/{} _more_ data


  • Added the setting “Do not send reminder emails when a member unsubscribes”


InfusionSoft AutoResponder

  • Added Optin for Infusionsoft AutoResponder Integration


  • Added the maximum limit (100) for the number of lists that can be retrieved from MailChimp
  • Updated the label “Groups:” to “Group Name:”


  • Added Debug Option for InfusionSoft Integration HTTP POST
  • InfusionSoft integration now does not cancel level if its a partial refund


  • Adding support for multiple user subscriptions
  • Added more currencies to Stripe settings


  • “ClickBank Account Nickname” and “Clickbank Item ID” will be converted to lowercase if admin enter them at uppercase.


  • Removed quick pay pro integration
  • Reorganized Shortcodes
  • Changed the admin email we use to send the “Login limit exceeded” email from the main admin’s email address to the admin email set in our WLM Email Settings.
  • Widened textarea width for email broadcast
  • Updated members tab to show indicators for levels that are scheduled to be added or moved on a future date

Bug Fixes

File/Folder Protection

  • Fixed File/Folder protection to handle big file size for small servers with low memory.
  • Fixed File protection problem when WP is not installed at root of site

Email Broadcast

  • Fixed Emailbroadcast error message when enabling logs
  • Fixed problem with sending email broadcast
  • Fixed issue with email broadcast always showing “Error: There was an error sending your message. Please try again.”
  • Fixed preview on email broadcast where email body is not formatted well.

User Interface

  • Fixed very long drop dropdowns for system pages in post editor
  • Fix some UI issues with export


  • Extra break code removed
  • Remove caching when getting expiring links.
  • Removed the extra strings added to receipt on Clickbank Rebill Instant Notification.


  • Fixed issue where SKU appears instead of the actual level name when a user is added via Infusionsoft’s HTTP POST.
  • Fixed issue where New Member email doesn’t get sent when a user is added via Infusionsoft’s HTTP POST feature.
  • Fixed bug where the member is still active even though he processed a refund.


  • Fixed issue with logging in using the stripe form especially for those sites that run on wp engine
  • Fixed issue with Stripe Payment Form where the form cannot be scrolled and so other fields are not visible.

CallLoop In

  • Fixed non-working CallLoop integration

Member Management

  • Updated ExportMembers to support exporting custom fields arrays properly
  • Non Members not appearing on Non members Filter (Members Tab)


  • Fix issue with saving Custom Registration Form resulting to Fatal error: Cannot redeclare fetch_options()
  • Fixed issue on the date of registration always set on current date when not using the auto-detection of membership levels from the file option.

Sequential Upgrade

  • Fixed sequential upgrade running for incomplete registrations
  • Fixed bug for cancelled sequential unable to uncancel manually or uncancel via Shopping Cart integrations
  • Sequential Cancelled is now uncancelled if a rebill is made or a manual uncancel event is made.
  • Fixed possibility of a sequential upgrade infinite loop

Short Codes

  • Fix for No Membership Level shortcode that would display “Array” if user have no level
  • Fixed the private tag examples to match the actual shortcode
  • Fixed private tags issue with multiple levels


  • Fixed issue where webinar integration doesn’t work when registration came from a shoppingcart.


  • Fixed api requests for custom post types with a dash in the name
  • Fixed problem when passing epoch as user level timestamp when adding a user to a level


  • Fixed ModSecurity error 406 due to login form not sending redirect_to
  • Fixed WLM hijacks logout even if redirect_to is passed
  • Fixed issue where creation date for level is wrong when using the wizard
  • Fixed processing of scheduled level adds, moves and removes
  • Fixed issue where the UnsubscribeExpired function still runs even though the setting is already set to NO.
  • Fixed expiring member email notification issue


  • Nuked the PreloadOptions
  • Added css/js to fileprotect ignore list
  • Improved members export performance especially for those with a large user base
  • Added wlm_cache_flush (wrapper for wp_cache_flush). This wrapper will only flush WLM’s cached data
  • Improvemed performance of wishlistmember_run_scheduled_user_levels action
  • Replaced calls to wpdb->escape (deprecated) with esc_sql