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WishList Member v2.9 Build 2430

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Run-time warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach() for Eway, 2Checkout API and Paypal Pro.
  • Fixed (Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Stripe needs the Multibyte String PHP extension.’)
  • Fixed: Clickbank changed again the format of the “ctransreceipt” they’re sending when a rebill has been sent via Instant Notification. Removing the receipt formatter code I added so it uses the exact ctransreceipt CB is sending.
  • Fixed issue with Clickbank payment link not displaying
  • Added a notification to Stripe’s integration page that will let the user know if the WordPress site doesn’t have the required PHP extensions needed for Stripe integration.

Content Tab

  • Fixed missing pagination, post status and level dropdowns in Content Tab search
  • Fixed content protection for attachments not saving in Content Tab

Members Tab

  • Fixed non-working pagination in Members Tab

Email Broadcast

  • Fixed Email broadcast shortcodes not working

Post Editor

  • Fixed the Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() that appears when editing a post/page.


  • Fixed issue when private tag and reverse private tag have spaces in level names.
  • Fixed consideration for Pay Per Post Members in and Merge Codes.

Folder Protection

  • Fixed folder protection not creating htaccess when folders are manually added


  • Fixed fatal error caused by non numeric parameter passed to abs() in API::_CancelLevel


  • Fixed filter hooks to get the correct bbPress forum id.
  • Fixed bbPress admin js issue when updating a row