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WishList Member v2.9 Build 2479


  • Paypal TLS update. Change Paypal API Request to use TLS protocol instead of SSL
  • Limited the beginning date of the datepickers to the current date in Members tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Authorize.net ARB integration minor issue. Added guard clause for empty subscrptions
  • Fixed Authorize.net ARB admin page subscription table not being displayed properly.
  • Fixed debug messages that appear when editing/viewing member profile.
  • Fixed problem where WishList Member does not deactivate the license if license email and key are missing. Also added notification on dashboard whenever license info are missing.
  • Fixed non-working email broadcast preview shortcode
  • Fixed Private Tags that have extra space on level names. Also added trimming of whitespace on private tags
  • Fixed migrate_file_protection checking the wrong option in the table
  • Fixed level name issue for level names that have % sign in it
  • Fixed API issue where adding members causes errors when no levels are passed
  • Fixed some issues with the 2CheckOout Payment API