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WishList Member v2.9 Build 2813


  • Added a setting that will allow clients to disable our function that handles the retrieve_password feature of WordPress. This is so that they can use other plugins like “Theme My Login” without the conflict with our retrieve_password function
  •  Email
    • Allow decimal on Incomplete Registration Email setting
    • Added tooltip for Incomplete Registration Email setting
  • Logs
    • Fixed bug when enabling the debugging option
    • Fixed bug with being able to click random areas that check and uncheck the Enable Debugging option


  • Fixed issue where searching members via Level does not work when on WordPress MultiSite
  • Fixed Members Tab Pagination not showing on WP version 4.2
  • If “Grant Continued Access” is enabled for the level and their payment subscription fails, we let the Level stay Active but adds a flag for sequential_cancelled. This will stop the level from future sequential upgrade processes.
  • Show in the members tab if the Sequential Upgrade has stopped for the membership level.
  • Import / Export
    • Added option for required fields (last name/first name) when importing members
    • Fixed issue where importing members can remove administrator privileges if admin is being imported and import setting is set to “replace all”
    • Only allow integers on the “Member Portion” (Export Chunk) text box

Membership Levels

  • Fix for Canceled Level still having access to a protected file
  • Fixed the following issues for users who are scheduled to be added to a membership level:
    1. User is immediately added to the autoresponder’s list.
    2. User is able to access protected content even though he’s not yet suppose to.
  • Add To Level Feature
    • Added Parent/Child relationship for Add To feature
    • Added option to follow parents status for levels added by Add To feature
    • Fixed non-working Add To when added using shopping cart
    • Fixed non-working Add To feature for registrations that uses temp accounts
    • Fixed issue where Registration form displays a different membership level when the level has Add To configured
    • Fixed issue with “Add to” feature of membership level.Scenario:
      Membership Levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze
      Gold – Add To: Silver and Bronze
      Silver – Add To: BronzeOnce member registers to “Gold” level via a Shopping Cart, the member will only be added to “Gold” and “Silver”.
    • Fix issue with Add To Level feature not triggering other hooks. Eg. IFS integration tagging

Content Protection

  • Issue where member is still redirected to the membership cancelled page even though the cancelled level they have don’t have access to the protected post/page being viewed
  • Manage Content
    • Fixed issue where the Apply button gets disabled and the spinner image doesn’t disappear after the pop up alert “Please select at least one Membership Level” when no membership level is selected and the action “Remove Levels” has been selected.
    • Capitalized the taxonomy types of the categories
    • Fixed the View link to redirect to the categories page
    • Added “Are You Sure” Confirmation box whenever doing a bulk action update
    • Fixed “View” links do not show the correct link to the post.
  • File Protection
    • Fixed File Protection warning for image file type.
    • Fixed non-working file protection when “Only show content for each membership level” is set to “Yes”
    • Fixed Attachment (File) not inheriting parent protection when uploaded
    • Fixed unattached Attachment (File) not inheriting parent protection when “attached” to a post/page
  • Folder Protection
    • Fixed Folder Protection issue where admin can’t view the protected files in a folder
    • Added Pop Up Modal box that displays all the files inside the folder
  • Comment Protection
    • Fixed issue where comment protection aren’t working for Custom Post Types

Sequential Upgrade

  • Date placeholder changed from mm/dd/yyyy hh:ss to mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm
  • Changed the warning message when sequential upgrade after 0 days is selected
  • When saving “On Date” we now only allow upcoming date if the level doesn’t have a previous “On Date” configuration
  • When the saved “On Date” is already in the past, we don’t allow them to change the “On Date” past the previous saved “On Date”
  • Fixed issue where sequential upgrade “On Date” setting is lost when updating levels in the membership levels tab

Shopping Cart

  • Fixed issue where Shopping Cart Integrations do not work when Require Strong Passwords is set to “Yes”
  • Removed video tutorials links for integrations that doesn’t have a video tutorial on CC
  • Fixed video tutorial links to point to the exact video tutorial on CC
  • Fixed non working tutorial links
  • Fixed non working Learn More links that redirects to the Shopping Carts official site
  • Updated shortcode inserter for integrations so that it does not show if there are no shortcodes configured for it
  • Fix some code in Integrations that uses pop up payment form when creating Jquery Scripts for button
  • Popup Payment Form used by some Integration
    • Added before and after text in Popup Payment Form (for devs)
    • Added option to customize List of Card Types
  • Authorize.net Automatic Recurring Billing (ARB)
    • Fixed issue where ARB form doesn’t check whether the CC is valid or not
    • Updated the integration page with instructions regarding how many values can be entered when days/months is set as the recurring cycle
    • Fixed issue with initial payment using Authorize.net AIM API (issue with curl)
    • Fixed issue with incorrect recurring amount set for the subscription.
    • Updated integration page so that days and months will be the only option as this two are the only support cycles in the API
    • Added the correct error message sent back from the API call whenever the initial registration fails (credit card decline, account info incorrect, etc.)
    • Fixed issue with live purchase where members are redirected to the registration page even with incorrect live credit card info
    • Fixed place holder text for First Name text box on Authorize.net ARB pop up form
    • Admin can now see Initial and Recurring payments in Integration Tab
    • Fixed issue where Non-recurring payments are still added as subscription.
    • Supports full integration with Non-Recurring payments.
    • Fix issue where no transactionid is passed after payment so the transaction id is set to WL-XX-XX format
    • Authnet ARB change recurring payment process.
      • Removed Initial Payment for card validation
      • Added support for trial periods
      • Add options to customize Payment form
    • Authnet.net ARB full Integration for Recurring Payments
    • Limit 1 Hour for each ARB syncing
    • Fix Issue where ARB Authnet Integration creates to many cron schedule
  • PayPal Payments Standard
    • Updated the old PayPal integration to PayPal Payments Standard. We no longer need admins to create the buttons in PayPal as we now create them in WishList Member
    • Added shortcode inserter
    • Added button builder
    • Fixed PayPal Payments Standard integration not sending the proper return URL to PayPal
    • Added support for Paypal Payment Standards “payment link”
  • PayPal Pro
    • Disabled TLSv1 Cipher List on NSS based Servers
    • Fixed place holder text for Last Name text box on PayPal Pro pop up form
    • Fixed issue with Paypal Pro not catching invalid payments
    • Fixed issue where it’s unable to process valid credit cards due to missing billing details
    • Added Address fields in the Payment Form
    • Fixed issue with recurring amount not displaying on Paypal Pro integration settings
    • Fixed issue with the amount of button not showing on the pop up payment form
    • Added pop up confirmation when deleting a product/subscription
    • Fixed products table just showing the  spinning icon and the word “Loading…”
    • Change payment links from plain text to buttons
  • PayPal Express Checkout
    • Separated PayPal Express CheckOut integration from PayPal Pro
    • Change payment links from plain text to buttons
  • Stripe
    • Fixed Stripe multiple charge issue.
    • Added checking in Stripe Sync process so that we don’t process test webhooks and avoid the script throwing errors which produces 500 http status
    • Input box for webhook reduced from 60% to 55%
    • Fixed issue with Stripe tooltips PHP file not found
    • Reactivate user when “customer.subscription.created” type is passed
    • Added support to cancel multiple Stripe subscription plans
    • Added Stripe Lightbox to display selected levels on profile
    • Added support for overriding currency and amount for stripe one time payments using shortcode attributes
    • Added a text to show if the levels sequential upgrade has been cancelled due to stripe plan cancellation in the Stripe Profile page.
    • Added trim to remove whitespaces when saving Stripe’s Secret Key and Publishable Key
  • 1ShoppingCart
    • Updated 1ShoppingCart to use transients for caching results instead of WLM’s Option functions
    • Fix for bulk cancellation. We only deactivate if status is ‘error’, ‘Declined’,’refunded’,’voided’.
    • Added check for API key validity for 1ShoppingCart Integration
  • ClickBank
    • If item ID is blank then the extra Item ID will be removed upon saving the Item Ids
    • Fixed issue where Clickbank Upsell doesn’t work when using ClickBank INS version 6.0
    • Added an IPN Transaction type on ClickBank integration
  • Cydec
    • Added notification that the secret key’s Update button has been clicked but the secret key wasn’t changed at all
  • Eway
    • Disable interval dropdowns for recurring when recurring option is disabled
  • Recurly
    • Added a notification message that appears when updating the Recurly API key
  • SamCart
    • Added Step 2 that contains the link to the tutorial video
  • InfusionSoft
    • Added one day delay for checking due date on unpaid payment plans
    • Tag users even if they have not gone through payment process


  • Updated links to video tutorial pages
  • Infusionsoft
    • Made some revisions to fix Unmarketable emails
    • Fixed contactid not being recorded properly
    • Added support for tagging/untagging users whenever they are deleted. Works like they are removed from level.
  • Ontraport
    • Members can now be added to multiple tags
    • Members can now be added to multiple sequences
  • Aweber
    • Fixed Aweber API integration still loading old lists even if the auth key was changed
  • MailChimp
    • Fixed issue where it only retrieves a maximum of 100 List Names. Some clients has over a hundred list.
  • Active Campaign
    • Fixed issue where entering wrong API URL or API Key produces Fatal Error and makes the Active Campaign setup page blank.
    • Update: moved the try/catch error handler in the admin settings page of Active Campaign to avoid making changes to the AC library.


  • Fixed Email broadcast shortcode not working when sent using cron
  • Fixed buggy reverse private tag
  • Added support for user address mergecode on email notifications
  • Fixed issue with notification email showing the word “Array” when using a mergecode for custom registration fields
  • Fixed issue with notification email where the mergecode doesn’t work
  • Added a setting to Allow admin to disable support for legacy registartion shortcodes and legacy private tags merge codes. This is to lessen the number of shortcodes WLM is registering specially if the Site has a large number of Membership Levels.
  • Updated the format of the shortcode and mergecode being inserted when using the blue Icon WLM shortcode inserted to use the new registration and private tags shortcodes/mergecodes.

Registration / Login

  • Fixed issue where password hint feature doesn’t return the hint even if the user has one configured
  • Fixed the format of the password hint that’s being send to the email
  • Fixed Pay Per Post registration not redirecting to post when purchasing as existing member
  • Updated the recaptcha being used in the registration form.
  • Changes to the setting “Allow WishList Member To Handle Login Redirect:”. We now remove the redirect_to on the login forms generated by WLM if thie is set to No. This way WLM will handle the redirect even if the user uses the WLM generated Login Forms.
  • WordPress Compatibility
    • Added check for username length on registration. max length is 50
    • Added check for email length on registration. max length is 100
    • Added catch all error message that asks the user to try again OR contact the site owner if registration fails due to an unknown wp_insert_user or wp_update_user error

Email Broadcast

  • Added Email broadcast confirmation on deleting, pausing and queueing
  • Fixed Email broadcast table. A field could not accept large number of levels causing email broadcast to break


  • We now hook our function Process which handles our redirection to the template_redirect filter. This means that our Protection will now work on themes that uses Advance Layout Editor. This also solves issues with protecting BuddyPress activity feeds
  • Updated the chunk processing of PreLoad_UserLevelsMeta() from 5000 to 1000. This is to avoid potential issues with sequential upgrade on sites that have a large number of members.
  • Added improvements to Hide/Show Feature. This should lessen the queries being made if the member belongs to a lot of Membership Levels
  • Fixed a bunch of PHP warnings and notices
  • Fixed infinite loop in wlm_cache_get when calling GetMembershipContent(‘categories’) with hide/show turned to on
  • Fixed registration is called twice on certain themes that calls get_posts() twice on certain configurations.

Security Fix

  • Fixed ../ exploit for file/folder protection
  • Fixed Custom registration form saving the admin’s password value if pre-filled by password managers such as LastPass, RoboForm, etc.


  • Improved recursion performance for protection inheritance
  • Password Hint texts added to po and mo files
  • Fixed issue when navigating to different pages in members area. One can navigate to another page on first attempt but will no longer be able to go back to the previous page or go to another page
  • Fixed issue where admin approval email is only sent to the upper most member selected when doing bulk manual admin approval
  • Added .local hostnames to license exempt URLs
  • Fix for required custom field with ‘0’ and ‘space’ value
  • Fix for backup delete dialog with gray overlay.
  • Added option to give access to shortcode inserter per user role
  • Added Option to hide WishList Member Page/Post Option box per user role
  • Increased activation http call timeout from 5 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Added a function that deletes 1 week old queues to free up space and backlogs
  • Changed iDevAffilaite example url to start with https
  • chosen.js updated to Version 1.4.2. This fixes the issue with WLM and WooCommerce plugin
  • BuddyPress compatibility update for ‘members’ and ‘groups’ pages
  • Fix Issue with SiteOrigin Page Builder unable to save content in live editor
  • Fix Issue with Page Builder plugin where TinyMCE plugin lightbox is not showing.
  • Included custom taxonomies in result when pulling category content and membership level is set to “all categories”
  • Cannot see comments on post/page when Recent Comments widget is active
  • Fixed issue where logged in user can’t view comments that are not protected. Also if comments are protected but the post or page itself is not protected, we hide it to non logged in users.