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WishList Member v2.9 Build 2935

Bug Fixes

  • Members Tab
    • Unable to select a future date (January 2016) when moving a member using scheduled move.
    • Added a more descriptive text for “For Approval” status that are caused by Shopping Carts, mainly “Paypal Pending” from Paypal integrations
  • Payment Integrations
    • Stripe
      • Translate support added to missing words
    • 1ShoppingCart
      • Added check for the WishList Member instance as it causes fatal error issue when WishList Member is activated in the plugins page
      • Fixed pagination for /ORDERS/LIST API call
      • Added checking so that we don’t process the XML Data if the simplexml_load_file() returns false
    • 2Checkout API
      • Fixed the issue on the payment form where the changes made on the settings for the header text does not reflect on the form.
    • Infusionsoft
      • Fix the issue where only the first 1000 tags are being fetched
      • Some tags are missing in the drop down list.
  • AutoResponder Integrations
    •  Infusionsoft
      • Fix the issue where only the first 1000 tags are being fetched
      • Some tags are missing in the drop down list.
  • Webinar Integrations
    • GotoWebinar API
      • Fixed clashing OAuth classes where a pre-existing class named “OAuth” will prevent the GotoWebinar API integration from working
      • Fixed “Call to a member function setWebinarId() on a non-object”
  • Short Codes
    • Updated private tag short code inserter to use [wlm_private] instead of [] for private tags
    • Updated private tag short code inserter to use [!wlm_private] instead of [!private] for reverser private tags
    • Fixed non-working [] tags for backwards compatibility
    • Fixed HostGator auto login from HostGator portal
  • Recent Comments
    • Fixed “Invalid foreach argument..” if there are no protected custom post types
  • Sequential Upgrade
    • In some cases, sequential upgrade does not run on all users becuase WishList Member thinks its already running sequential upgrade
    • When run from cron for multiple users, some users are not upgraded because of some issues with WP transient options
  • API
    • Fixed possible invalid query to be generated if the passed filter[ID] contains a non-numeric value
  • Post/Page Editor
    • Fixed Javascript Conflict on Post/Page Editor
    • Fix non-working user search for PayPerPost in the Post/Page Editor
  • Settings
    • Email Settings
      • Emails Per Hour setting is not working. Email broadcast ALWAYS send 100 emails per hour even if the settings is changed.
  • Core
    • Loading WishList Member Tables
    • Set preg_replace() to search for table prefix in a case-insensitive manner
    • Retrieve Password
      • Email is being sent from WordPress instead of the email address set in Settings > Email Settings: Sender Information
      • Fixed issue with expired reset password link
    • WordPress Multisite
      • Fix for issue where WishList Member can’t delete temp accounts on WP MU
      • Fix issue where incomplete registration emails are still being sent even after users have completed it


  • Payment Integrations
    •  1ShoppingCart
      • Updated order processing to be batched via WP Cron
      • Updated 1ShoppingCart to process its API queue every 15 minutes
      • Removed system cron instructions as they are no longer needed
      • Reduce the number of times we poll the 1ShoppingCart API to just once a day instead of once an hour
    • Stripe
      • Added the display:none style on the HTML element of the loading indicator (…) as there are instances where the CSS to hide it isn’t being applied.
      • Added class_exists checker to avoid class name conflicts with other plugins that also uses the same Stripe SDK
    • Authorize.net
      • Renamed files in admin/ folder to match those in the lib/ folder
    • Infusionsoft
      • Revised the code to use Infusionsoft API and use WP Cron to sync Infusionsoft transaction id status with membership level status twice a day
  • AutoResponder Integrations
    • Maropost
      • Also Increased the timeout from 5 to 15 seconds
    • Infusionsoft
      • When adding a user, it redirects to a white page. When using WishList Member API, email is not sent and user has no transaction id and API returns false when adding a member
  • API
    • Added error checking when updating members via the API (PUT /members/[ID])
      • Return error when trying to change the username and the username already exists
      • Return error when trying to change the username and an error occurred in the database
      • Return error when wp_update_user fails
    • Helper Class (wlmapiclass.php)
      • Added WLMAPICLASS_PASS_NOCACHE_DATA constant. If WLMAPICLASS_PASS_NOCACHE_DATA is set and its value evaluates to true then we force a __nocache__ data to be passed with the request. This will force each request to be unique and hopefully result in web servers not caching their response.
  • Cron
    • Updated cron cleanup and renamed cron action hook eway_sync to wishlistmember_eway_sync
  • Post/Page Editor
    • Custom Post Types
      • Display a message that the tells the admin the custom post type has its protection disabled


  • Payment Integrations
    • Added option to enable/disable shopping cart integrations. This feature can be accessed by clicking the gear icon next to the dropdown in the shopping cart integration tab