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WishList Member v2.9 Build 3007

Bug Fixes

Payment Integrations

  • Generic
    • Fixed issue where extra characters are included in the output due to output buffering.
  • eWAY
    • Fixed issue where the “Submit” button on the payment pop up modal of eWAY doesn’t show any text.
  • Stripe Integration
    • Used on instead of live for JQuery because live is no longer supported.
    • Invoice Details are not showing because old js does not work anymore.
    • Fixed issue where viewing the Stripe Webhook URL directly on the browser displays Fatal Error.
  • PayPal Pro
    • Fixed conflict with Divi theme smooth scroll causing PayPal Pro popup to not show.
  • Pin Payments
    • After registration, users are redirected to homepage instead of payment form.
    • Fixed issue with subscription renewal not redirecting to payment after registration if level setting is set to admin approval for free registration.
    • Admin Approval For Free Registration is being sent even if user was added using shopping cart.
    • Admin Approval For Free Registration for existing members is being sent even if user was added using shopping cart.
  • PayPal
    • Fixed issue with the Sandbox input texts for the 3 PayPal Integrations not displaying when enabling the “Sandbox Testing” option if one of the Pay Per Post has a quote (`) in the title.
  • Pop Up Checkout Forms
    • Fixed issue where the WishList Member hosted pop up check out forms (eg. Stripe, PayPal Payment Pro, Authorize.net – ARB) are displaying below the header (menus) section of the page on some Themes.
  • Settings Page
    • Fixed issue with adding and editing products on the following integrations (PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, PayPal Easy Checkout and Authorize.net – ARB) stopped working due to WordPress 4.5 updating the version of underscore.js from 1.6.0 to 1.8.

AutoResponder Integrations

  • IContact
    • Fixed issue with Clients unable to select which folder to choose on their Icontact Integration.
  • Maropost
    • Fixed issue with lists not appearing even if the user already entered the correct Account ID and Auth Token.

Other Integrations

  • BBPRess
    • Commented the hook that checks if the forum is protected. This is causing conflicts as the Forum protection on the  WishList Member > Integrations > BBPRess section doesn’t reflect the actual WishList Member protection settings of the forums.


  • Fixed “Notice: Undefined property: WishListMember::$ARSender” warning error.
  • Check and do not allow NULL values of User Meta.
  • Fixed issue with emails being sent by other plugins and themes having the From Name and From Email saved in WishList Member Settings.

Reverse Private Tag

  • Fixed issue with the shortcode showing the content when it is not meant to.

Post/Page options

  • Fixed funky layout issues.

Email Broadcast

  • Fixed issue with sending emails in queue with 0 emails and no way to close the lightbox.
  • Fixed issue with the Mail From and Mail From Name being used to send the emails in the WishList Member Email Broadcast are the default WordPress name and emails instead of the values configured in the WishList Member > Settings > Email Settings section.

Members Tab

  • Cannot remove levels with parent from “Add To Level” feature.

Retrieve Password

  • Fixed issue with email being sent from WordPress instead of the email address set in Sender Information in the WishList Member > Settings > Email Settings section.

Email Settings

  • Typo error in the subject of Expiring Member Notification.

Pay Per Post

  • Fixed issue with Pay Per Post for Custom Post Types where existing user was not able to access the paid Custom Post Type.


Payment Integrations

  • Generic
    • Changed call to ob_get_clean with ob_end_clean as WishList Member is not concerned with a specific buffer.
  • Stripe
    • Improved responsive output for mobile devices.
    • Added “showlogin” parameter to payment button shortcode.  Default is 1. Setting to 0 will hide the “Existing users login” link from the form.
    • Expanded email field to 100% if coupon is hidden (coupon=0 passed on shortcode).
    • Disabled coupon field for one time payments.
  • 1ShoppingCart
    • Updated code logic to properly process the status of the membership levels based on the transaction ID.
  • Infusionsoft
    • Disabled Tagging Feature for Incomplete Registrations.
  • Authorize.NET ARB
    • Added option to show address fields on the payment form. Also added functionality to add address fields on payment form file.
    • Allow admin to choose what credit card type will be available for payments.

AutoResponder Integrations

  • Aweber API
    • Added a queuing function so that the Aweber Subscribe Script is not stopped when the API reaches the Aweber API request limit. We then process the queued members at a later time.
    • Commented out the error_log code at core/WishlistAPIQueue.php as this creates logs in the error_log file.
    • Errors will no longer be shown if the admin forgot to input the Aweber Auth Key when they select the Aweber API as the autoresponder.
  • Infusionsoft
    • Convert the code to use Infusionsoft SDK.


  • Added checking for null values before inserting data to table.

Sequential Upgrade

  • The “Sequential Upgrade” status of a member is no longer changed when they register to another Membership Level.

File Protection

  • Added checking for unconfirmed members to make sure they will not have access to protected files.

WLM API Class Helper (wlmapiclass.php)

  • Added user agent string to identify ourselves to servers. Useful for white-listing purposes.

Email Broadcast

  • Shows failed email addresses when requeueing a failed broadcast.
  • Allow users to view failed email addresses and requeue them.
  • Users with no email address are removed from email queue instead of being marked as failed.

Hide/Show Feature

  • Added support to hide protected custom post types in the menus if “Hide/Show” feature is enabled and the custom post type is protected.


  • Supported processing of “Grant Continued Access” is API client passes “ShoppingCartRequest” with a value of 1 to /levels/x/members/x when cancelling a level.


  • Moved the chosen-sprite.png from /images to /css to fix the error that says this file is missing.



  • Added Cookie Prefix option. This allows the admin to specify a cookie prefix for all cookies set by WishList Member which can then be easily white-listed by web hosting providers that do special caching for cookies.


File Protection Settings Migration

  • Queued migration of file protection for later processing allowing it to be processed in the background. The queue is processed twice daily.