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WishList Member v2.92 Build 3180


  • Integration
    • AutoResponder
      • Added ConvertKit integration
  •  Settings
    • Email
      • Added option to send reminder emails for member that needs to confirm their email address after registration


  • Integration
    •  AutoResponder
      • MailChimp
        • Force re-subscribe an email to a list when subscribing. If email is unsubscribed, it will be subscribed again.
      • AWeber API
        • Updated AWeber API admin interface to make it easier for administrators to connect multiple WishList Member sites to AWeber using the correct AWeber-generated Authorization Key
        • Automated the connection process to make it easier for administrators to connect WishList Member to AWeber
      • Drip
        • Added name, first name and last name custom fields when subscribing to allow for the following shortcodes to be used in Drip
          • {{ subscriber.name }}
          • {{ subscriber.first_name}}
          • {{ subscriber.last_name }}
    • Shopping Cart
      • 1ShoppingCart
        • Modified the format of transaction IDs for 1ShoppingCart to be 1SC-xxxxxxx-R for recurring transactions and 1SC-xxxxxxx-O for one-time transactions. Old transaction IDs will be reformatted accordingly
        • 1ShoppingCart has to be configured to ping WishList Member’s thank you URL in order to work properly with recurring transactions. This setting can be found under My Account > API Settings > Notification URL in 1ShoppingCart.
  • Members
    • Export
      • Included hidden custom fields when exporting full data.
  • Membership Levels Tab
    • Remove newly deleted level from clone dropdown

Bug Fixes

  • Internal
    • Fixed more run-time PHP Warnings and Notices
    • Fixed issue with negative integer being returned by strtotime() function
  • Integration
    • Shopping Cart
      • PayPal Payments Standard
        • Fixed javascript conflicts with other plugins
        • Fixed issue where it does not cancel a level right away when set.
      • 1ShoppingCart
        • Fixed problem with recurring transactions paid with PayPal
        • Added checking for failed API responses to prevent incorrect logical checks. This fixes issues where recurring transactions are marked as one-time transactions if an API request has failed during checks
        • Fixed problem where cancelled recurring transactions are still activated when WLM checks all initial orders.
      • InfusionSoft
        • Fixed issue where the Thank You URL returns an error 500
      • Stripe
        • Added the button label on the payment form’s button as this is missing if the shortcode used doesn’t have the [/wlm_stripe_btn] ending on it.