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WishList Member v2.92 Build 3228


  • Integration
    •  Stripe
      • Fixed issue where another button label is showing in the form
      • Fixed issue where logging in via the Existing Members Login form on the Stripe Popup redirects to a 502 error on WP Engine hosted sites.
      • Fixed browser side error message “Stripe does not support serving Stripe.js from your own domain”
    • PayPal Payflow
      • Fixed issue where recurring payment buttons are not passing the correct term, frequency and payperiod data to the Payment Profile.
      • Fixed issue where the new Pay Period settings for Payflow integration was also added to other PayPal integrations.
    • PayPal Payments Pro/PayPal Payflow
      • Fixed issue where the PayPal settings page doesn’t display correctly due to a javascript error.
  • Shortcodes
    • Fixed issue where the new register shortcode format (eg. [wlm_register "Silver"]) doesn’t work when the “Disable support for legacy WishList Member Registration Shortcodes” setting is set to “Yes”.
    • Fixed issue where the new register shortcode format that has a space in the membership level name (eg.[ ]) doesn’t work.
  • Settings
    • Email
      • Fixed issue with company merge code
  • Protection
    • Attachments
      • Fix the issue where attachment that is attached to a protected page keeps on redirecting to the Wrong Member error page even when access to protected contents were properly set.
  • Expiring Member Notification
    • Fix the issue where expiring members are getting multiple email notifications.
  • Other
    • Fixed some more code for PHP 7 compatibility
    • Fixed iDevAffiliate warning on first install due to empty settings
    • Fixed issue where dropdowns in the WishList Member Admin pages using select2 isn’t working correctly due to plugin/theme conflicts.


  • Settings
    • Email Notifications
      • Updated the code that handles the automatic email confirmation reminder being sent via CRON.
    • Advanced
      • Added a setting where Admin can change the folder path where WishList Member saves its cache files.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Added a setting for disabling the Auto Login feature when members clicks the confirmation link.
  • Integration
    • PayPal Express Checkout
      • Updated the cancel URL so that when members click the “Cancel” link on the PayPal checkout form and decided not to go complete the payment, they’ll get redirected to the home page.
    • Stripe
      • Supported for alignment of buy button to left, center or right
  • Registration Form
    • Updated website field to allow user to enter URL without protocol
    • Updated the the Terms of Service Modal to be responsive.
  • Membership Level
    • Added option for admin to allow users to re-register even if they are not yet expired to the level and extend their expiration by updating their registration date.
    • Display error message when an error occurs in updating a membership level
  • Members
    • Added support for searching inactive members in advanced search