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WishList Member v2.92 Build 4169

Updates & Fixes

  • WishList Member now requires PHP 5.4 or higher
  • Integrations
    • Shopping Cart
      • Added code to specify the minimum version required for a payment integration
      • Allow integration to tell WLM that it should not be loaded by returning false to the include
      • Added way for integrations to specify an error message if the minimum PHP version is not met
      • 1ShoppingCart
        • Added support to process upsells when incomplete registrations are created via the 1ShoppingCart’s instant notification.
        • We now queue new order IDs sent via the 1ShoppingCart API notification. This will be run via cron hourly and will create an incomplete registration if the ORDER ID doesn’t exist yet on any of the existing users.
      • Recurly
        • Fixed WP_RecurlyClient::last_error() not working
      • Stripe
        • Fixed issue where the Stripe’s webhook URL just redirects producing a 302 error when the “Prevent duplicate shopping cart registrations” setting is enabled
        • Updated code for Stripe API Version 2018-02-06
        • Added notice when Stripe is enabled and PHP version is less than 5.4
      • ClickBank
        • Fixed issue where upsell levels aren’t being processed (being added to the user).
        • Fixed site crash when using ClickBank integration and running WishList Member on PHP 7.2 due to mcrypt_decrypt function that has been DEPRECATED since PHP 7.1 and REMOVED as of PHP 7.2.
      • PayPal
        • Updated PayPal SDK
          • Fixes improper use of clone keyword in old SDK
    • AutoResponder
      • Unsubscribe expired members from Autoresponder
        • Refactored function UnsubscribeExpired() so that it only processes users with expired levels.
        • We now flag processed expired members so that we don’t run ARsubscribe() every hour.
      • ConvertKit
        • Fixed issue with first name and last name being merged into the first name field in ConvertKit rather than being kept separate.
    • Webinar
      • GotoWebinar
        • Fixed auth code URL to use the WLM_GTMAPI_OAuth::getApiAuthorizationUrl() method
        • Added support for OAuth Version 2.0 authentication as they will be depreciating the previous authentication method on August 14, 2018.
  • License Activation
    • Removed .dev from the exemptions list because .dev is soon to be a valid TLD
  • API
    • Fix issue where an extra (U-USERID) entry is being added to the array of membership levels when using the global function wlmapi_get_member_levels()
    • Remove duplication of levels in rendering No Membership Level
    • MultiSite
      • Fix issue where the ******** shortcode returns ******** on the “Registration” email notification if the WordPress site is in multisite mode. ThriveCart is affected by this issue as they’re using WLMAPI to auto create the user account after purchase.
    • API Helper Class (wlmapiclass)
      • Fixed json_decode error due to the \0 character being included in an object property
      • Updated code so that cookie files are deleted after use
  • Manage Members
    • Fixed issue with date picker and scheduled cancel
    • Fixed “Add New Member” issue for allowed users using “WishList Access Control” plugin
    • Fixed issue where the Remove from Level (when scheduled) action is not working.
  • ReCaptcha
    • Fix issue where the registration page of the membership level returns a white page because of a ReCaptcha conflict with other plugins (in this case it’s the ToolSet Types plugin).
  • Caching
    • Fixed folder permission error
  • Registration
    • Fixed issue where the user is redirected back to the registration page with the error “Username Already Exist” when they click the “Submit Registration” button twice.
  • Profile Page
    • Updated code so that WishList Member data can be edited by anyone with the wishlistmember_members_manage capability
    • Updated code so that hidden custom fields can be edited by anyone with the wishlistmember_edit_custom_fields capability
  • PHP Errors / Warnings
    • Took care of a few PHP Warnings
    • PHP error due to incorrect type casting syntax
    • Fixed use of undefined constant error. Error caused by array indexes that are specified as such $array[index] instead of $array[‘index’]
    • Fixed array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array in WishListMember_Level::GetAllLevels()
    • Replaced all usage of $HTTP_SERVER_VARS with $_SERVER