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WishList Member v2.93 Build 4323


Data Privacy

  • Added Data Privacy section under the Members tab
  • Added admin capability to enable email to people who unsubscribe with the link for them to be able to resubscribe

Sequential Upgrade

  • Added pagination and search feature for sites that have large numbers of Membership Levels


  • Shopping Cart
    • ClickBank
      • Added support for “Encrypt Transaction URLs” in Clickbank.


  • Added admin capability to bulk subscribe / unsubscribe users from email broadcast



  • Fixed issue with WP Media


  • Fixed API not returning the proper error code on multisites if email or username already exists. This fixes the issue with ThriveCart where existing customers cannot purchase new levels if the WP site has multisite enabled

Content Protection

  • Fixed issue where not all levels are properly inherited by the child
  • Fixed issue where protection is not passed from the parent to the child when eding the parent’s protection/levels


  • Shopping Cart
    • PayPal
      • Updated PayPal library to fix deprecated code
      • Fixed improper usage of clone($object) to clone $object
    • Stripe
      • Fixed conflict with “WP Simple Pay Pro 3
      • Renamed class “Stripe” to “WLM_Stripe” to further prevent plugin conflicts with other plugins that uses the same Stripe Library
      • Renamed Namespace from “Stripe” to “WLMStripe”. This is to prevent conflicts with other plugins that uses the same Stripe library as ours
    • Authorize.Net (Simple Checkout)
      • Fixed issue where the integration stopped working due to outdated cert.pem file
    • 1ShoppingCart
      • Fixed issue where a duplicate incomplete registration is being created when receiving an Instant Notification for an upsell