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WishList Member v2.93 Build 4800



  • Payment
    • PayPal
      • Fixed non-working PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Pro links when NSS is used as SSL library on the server
    • 1ShoppingCart
      • Fixed issue where duplicate incomplete registrations are being created when an Instant Notification is sent for the member’s upsell level


  • Fixed issue where the DELETE method doesn’t work on remote API calls


  • Fixed issue where the page goes blank whenever the Admin adds a new member in the Members tab and there’s an incorrect data submitted (eg. Missing username or invalid email address).
  • Fixed issue where users with cancelled membership levels are still getting the incomplete registration emails

File Protection

  • Fixed errors in error log about mime type not existing


  • Updated methods on how licenses can be deactivated

PHP Warnings / Notices

  • Fixed Warnings/Notices that only shows when the Server has the highest PHP error_reporting Level configured


  • Fixed conflict with Profit Builder and other themes/plugins that uses page builder where the WP Editor doesn’t load correctly on page builders that loads via AJAX
  • Fixed issue with WP CLI where running WishList Member’s cron jobs return a fatal error