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WishList Member v2.93 Build 5644


  • 2Checkout
    • Removed the character limit on Vendor ID and Secret Key as 2Checkout recently upgraded their system and now use a 20-character “secret key”
  • PayPal Express Checkout
    • Added instruction about adding the Instant Payment Notification URL.
    • Added support for txn_type of subscr_cancel. This is when the IPN Cancellation Paypal sends for payments made in Paypal Standard.
  • eWay
    • Changed label for eWAY Password to eWAY API Password in admin area
  • Stripe
    • Fixed issue with generating extra slash before every quote at payment form.
    • Fixed issue where the amount in the “Pay” button disappears when the coupon code file gets highlighted when using this form of Stripe shortcode – [wlm_stripe_btn sku=0000000000]]Button Label[[/wlm_stripe_btn]
      • Stripe API updated to latest Stripe API version 6.27.0.
      • Fixed WLM Stripe integration to follow the trial option from Stripe subscription plan.
  • Authorize.net Simple Checkout
    • Changed MD5 Hash to SHA512 Signature Key


  • Advanced Search
    • Fixed typo “Canceled” to “Cancelled”
    • Fixed issue where advanced search doesn’t work if admin searches for “Active” members of a particular level and the user is active on that level but has another level which is cancelled/expired.


  • Fixed Copy URL not working on latest browsers. (Changed plugin from ZeroClipboard.js to Clipboard.js)


  • Fixed issue where the Additional Levels are not showing on the registration page
  • Fixed non-unique ID error found on browser console

Content Protection

  • Fixed non-working “Inherit Protection” when editing a page


  • Fixed white page issue with [wlm_contentlevels] shortcode when used inside the WishList Member wrong membership level page


  • Fixed very long API query generated when calling /levels/xxx/members
  • Fixed issue with cancellation via API when cancel date is set to a future date.

Data Privacy

  • User Request Email
    • Fixed the issue where the [[request]] mergecode is showing ‘###REQUEST###’ instead of the description of the request.

Post / Page Options

  • Fixed a minor issue where you can’t enter an external URL on the “Membership Cancelled” redirection page.

Plugin Conflicts

  • Fixed issue with Hummingbird plugin admin area
  • Fixed conflict with Elementor 2.3.x caused by older version of the underscores library used by WishList Member
  • Fixed conflicting enqueued script in pop-up payment forms when PowerPack Elements plugin is activated.

PHP Warnings

  • Cannot assign an empty string to a string.
  • Fixed “A non-numeric value encountered” warning that could appear at server error log by visiting WLM member menu
  • Fixed the warning “Run-time warning count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable” that appears when using PHP 7.2 version in ClickBank Settings Page
  • Fixed the Warning Error “Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in” on sites that uses PHP 7.2 and newer.