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WishList Member v3.0 Build 6062


  • Levels
    • Cloning levels not copying content from the source level to the cloned level
  • Email Integration
    • Email integrations stop working as soon as the admin goes to Setup > Integrations > Email Providers
    • iContact
      • Mailing lists can’t be configured/edited
  • Email Notifications
    • Lost Password, Password Hint and Member Unsubscribe email notifications not being sent
  • Registration Forms
    • Custom registration forms settings not properly “attached” to levels when migrating from 2.9 to 3.0
    • Before and After registration form text not properly migrated from 2.9 to 3.0
  • Mobile
    • WordPress menu not working when in mobile
  • WordPress 4.0 Compatibility
    • fixed broken compatibility with WordPress 4.0 caused by the use of wpaddinlinescript and wpscriptadddata
    • fixed fatal error caused by the use of wpenqueueeditor


  • Members
    • Added “Reset Login Limit” when editing a member. Used to only be available when viewing a member’s profile via the WordPress profile section.