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WishList Member v3.0 Build 6123


  • Payment Integrations
    • Stripe
      • Stripe Customer ID is being set to 0 whenever an admin updates a user’s profile in Members > Manage
      • Plan amounts that are greater than or equal to 1000 are processed incorrectly
    • PayPal
      • PayPal button selector on the ShortCode Inserter popup doesn’t display due to a conflict with SmartTheme
    • Paypal Express
      • $0 trial price is not being processed by the code and instead bills the user the regular recurring price immediately
  • Email Integrations
    • MailChimp
      • Members not being added to list because interest is an empty string
  • Levels
    • When editing levels, dropdowns (i.e. the Roles dropdown) don’t show actual value giving the impression that the setting was not saved even though they were
  • PayPerPost
    • Broken after login and after registration redirects
  • Import Members
    • Members are not being imported to the level(s) specified in the import file
  • License Activation
    • WishList Member won’t accept license key if there’s space before or after
  • Shortcodes
    • Broken [[wlm_regform]] shortcode when membership level contains special HTML characters
  • Others
    • Translation/language files not loaded
    • Conflict with Nextgen Gallery
    • Made sure to load our jQuery last to avoid conflicts with other plugins that modify the loaded jQuery
    • Basic support for RTL languages


  • Dashboard and Levels
    • Improved loading of dashboard screen by loading membership level statistics via ajax
  • Payment Integrations
    • Clickbank
      • Added support for Instant Notification version 7.0
  • Members
    • Allow cancel/uncancel of levels
  • Others
    • We no longer wrap text emails at 75. Instead we let the email client handle the wrapping of text emails
    • Users with no levels will now use the default after login redirect when they login
    • Added ASP Tags to System Info > Server Environment