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WishList Member v3.0 Build 6236


Advanced Options > Global Defaults > Email

  • Allow editing of global email defaults
  • Added “Global Sender Info Defaults” with capability of resetting sender info for all levels to default
  • Added capability to apply email template to specific levels

Setup > Level > (Edit) > Notifications

  • Added Membership Cancelled and Membership Uncancelled email notifications


Payment Providers

  • Stripe
    • Fixed issue where the currency attribute on the shortcode isn’t being processed by the code.
  • Authorize.net – Automatic Recurring Billing
    • Fixed issue where the Cron Job URL returns an error and doesn’t process.
  • PayPal Pro
    • Cannot delete products
  • PayPal Payflow
    • Cannot delete products

Email Providers

  • Ontraport
    • Fixed issue where users aren’t being added to the Tags configured in the settings.

Members > Manage

  • Fixed issue where the last login date/time doesn’t match the date/time of the WordPress site.
  • Fixed broken bulk toggling of sequential upgrade

Administration > Email Broadcasts

  • Fixed duplicate broadcast feature to properly reflect sender information

Content Protection

  • Posts/Pages > Comments
    • Fixed issue where setting protection status of comments to “Inherited” results in the “An error occured while processing your request. Please try again.” error.
  • Custom Post Type
    • bbPress Custom Post Types does not appear


  • WishList Member redirects to non-members page for 404 pages
  • File Protection
    • .htaccess / nginx config not created when enabling file protection


  • GetAllUserLevelMetas method returns null even if an array of results is returned
  • Fixed issue where sending of per level email uses the template of the latest membership level instead of the actual level whos template should be sent
    • Shortcodes
      • Added the level’s name to wlm_joindate shortcode inserter.
      • Fixed issue where wlm_expiration shortcode isn’t being processed by the code.
  • Fix for 4:3 screen resolution
  • Fixed non-working Incomplete Registration URL if Simple Registration is disabled.


Setup > Levels

  • Added Use Global Sender Info checkbox on email templates that have sender email and sender name settings.

Members > Manage > Add Member Modal

  • Saved the state of the Send New Member Email Notification checkbox

Administration > Email Broadcasts

  • Added support for selecting Global Sender Info or Custom Sender Info
  • Remember last used sender settings

Advanced Options > Caching

  • Changed default cookie prefix from wlm to wlm_


  • POST/PUT /members
    • Allowed api call to POST/PUT /members to specify which levels will have email notifications sent by setting SendMailPerLevel as an array of level IDs
      • if email notification is set on a per level basis but SendMailPerLevel is an array and the level being added is not in SendMailPerLevel then the email notification will not be sent even if it is turned on for a level in Setup > Levels
      • if email notifiation is turned off in Setup > Levels then it will NOT be sent even if SendMailPerLevel is set
    • Note: The old SendMail parameter sends emails using global templates
  • Cancel/Uncancel Email notification
    • Added option to specify global or per level email notification
  • PUT /levels/xxx/members/xxx
    • Added support for SendMailPerLevel parameter to specify whether to send the cancel/uncancel email notification or not. default is not to send


  • Updated code to work with the latest version of WishList Access Control
  • Added wishlistmemberperlevel_templates filter
  • Plugin Info Popup
    • Updated the content and look of the plugin info popup that shows up when someone clicks “View Details” or “View version x.y.z details” in the WP plugin section
      • added header image
      • added changelog tab
      • changed text in description tab
      • added one liner explaining support options in support tab
  • Added LiquidWeb staging url to exempted lists
  • Improved mobile version for advanced options


  • MemberIDs method – Sped up query that retrieves member IDs by 5x to 10x faster for non-grouped requests
  • MemberCount method – Sped up query counts members by 300x faster
  • Improved loading of menu items
    • Added code to allow WishList Access Control to manage WishList Member sections
  • WishListMemberUser::LoadUser method – 15% to 20% improvement on speed
  • Computation of expiration date
    • added optional $timestamp parameter to LevelExpired and LevelExpireDate functions
    • when $timestamp is passed then we use this instead of retrieving timestamp from database
  • Optimized the code for getting the number of users with active levels. This also fixes the Dashboard issue where figures display NaN
  • We now only load this css style “wishlist-member/ui/stylesheets/css/frontend.css” when the registration setting is set to “Improved”.