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WishList Member v3.0 Build 6282


  • Fixed dashboard for multisites caused by duplicate wp_x_capabilities records in wp_usermeta


  • Levels
    • Fixed after registration and after login redirects gets re-enabled on version change
  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • Authorize.net ARB
        • Added Additional Info on Recurring Billing
      • Stripe
        • Added more info to stripe plans in dropdown
        • Added capability to clear the plan dropdown
        • Fixed payment modal doesn’t how on mobile/tablet using styled button
    • Email Providers
      • Infusionsoft by Keap
        • Fixed issue where tags not being added or removed when a member gets added to a level.
    • Other Services
      • iDevAffiliate
        • Fixed amounts being rounded off in configuration screen
        • Fixed idevaffiliate not tracking because of incorrect checking of WLM3 object
        • Fixed incorrect checking for curl_exec’s result (use === instead of just ==)
        • Removed unnecessary admin screen markup for WLM 2.9
        • Moved adding of hooks to __construct
        • Fixed incorrect IP address being sent on certain servers (ie bluehost) because HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR is set as the server’s ip instead of as the client’s ip. Fixed by checking if HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR is not the same as SERVER_ADDR
        • Fixed recurring commissions not being sent


  • Manage
    • Fixed issue where Cancelled/Pending levels shows as Active for Servers that are using PHP versions lower than PHP 7
    • Fixed White screen if site has too many users and searching for non-members or members on specific levels
    • Called ::MemberIDs() with parameters just for counting
  • Import
    • Added code to attempt to auto-detect the CSV separator character instead of expecting it to always be a comma. We can now auto-detect if the CSV uses either a comma, semicolon, pipe symbol or a tab
  • Export
    • Fixed issue where custom fields doesn’t display on the .csv export file
    • Fixed issue where custom fields doesn’t show on the user’s WordPress profile page
  • Other
    • Limited access of the following sections to those with the list_users capability only
      • Members > Manage
      • Members > Import
      • Members > Export
      • Members > Mass Move/Add

Content Protection

  • Folders
    • Added NGINX support to folder protection
    • Removed .htaccess code and nginx code when folder protection is disabled
    • Updated instructions for nginx setups
  • Files
    • Updated instructions for nginx setups

Advanced Options

  • CSS
    • Fixed editor not showing old 2.9 CSS code when upgrading from 2.9 to 3.0
    • Fixed “Reset to default” resetting to old 2.9 data instead of to actual default values
  • Global Defaults
    • Email
      • Added tooltip to Global Sender Info Defaults

Login Forms

  • Fixed issue with the lost password link in the WLM login form causing URL NOT FOUND error when using iThemes Security plugin that allows customizing the WordPress login URL


  • Fixed “Show Password” positioning for RTL (Right to Left) languages in theme-styled registration forms
  • Added is_multisite check before checking is_user_member_of_blog when checking for username or email existence

WishList Member Widget

  • Sorted the membership levels of the user that displays on the WLM Widget based on the Membership Level’s priority.

WordPress Hooks

  • Added wishlistmember3_pre_register action hook at the start of ::WPMRegister()
  • Added wishlistmember3_pre_register_existing action hook at the start of ::WPMRegisterExisting()


  • Fixed PHP “Notice: Undefined index: post_ID”
  • Fixed PHP “Notice: Undefined property: WishListNavMenu::$options”
  • Fixed ::MemberIDs(null, null, true) to count distinct IDs only
  • Fixed invalid query_where in ::MemberIDs() property because it is replaced instead of appended to
  • Fixed ::MemberCount() to count distinct IDs only
  • Run ::SyncMembership in the background by scheduling a single event wp-cron to help improve site performance