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WishList Member v3.0 Build 6297


  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • Stripe
        • Fixed issue where the amount of the Stripe Plan isn’t showing correctly in the Stripe Plan Dropdown
        • Updated Stripe PHP library to Version 6.40.0 (was released on June 28, 2019)
        • Hides the Credit Card fields if the user has Stripe’s customer ID saved on their user account. (This was the behavior we had on WLM 2.93)
        • Added support for Credit Card that requires Stripe’s Strong Customer Authentication.
        • Added Trim in Stripe init to prevent issues caused by whitespaces on publishable key.
        • Added description to one time payments.
    • Email Providers
      • Sendlane
        • Updated Sendlane logo


  • Manage
    • Fixed Pay Per Posts being limited to only show the first 10 pay per posts in the Edit User Modal

Advanced Options

  • Global Defaults
    • Email
      • Changed Apply Message to Membership Levels to Apply Settings to Membership Levels in edit notification modals
      • Added capability to set default enabled state for email notifications
      • Added capability to toggle enabled state of email notifications for multiple levels


  • Access Control
    • Added mapped capabilities to WishListAcl::current_user_can()
    • Allow access to list_users only menu sections if the user has any of the following capabilities:
      • wishlistmember3_members/manage
      • wishlistmember3_members/import
      • wishlistmember3_members/export
      • wishlistmember3_members/mass_move_add
  • WordPress Actions
    • added the following wlm3 actions to allow adding options to WishList Member’s post/page options
      • wishlistmember3_post_page_options_menu
      • wishlistmember3_post_page_options_content
  • BuddyPress
    • Fixed issue where BuddyPress pages like /groups/xxxxx/ and /members/xxxxx/ are no longer protected.
  • PHP Errors
    • Fixed PHP Run-time warning asort() expects parameter 1 to be array
    • Fixed error “Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string”
    • Fixed Uncaught Error: Cannot unset string offsets which prevents attachment to be deleted.
  • Fixed z-index issue for select2 dropdown in modal responsive state