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WishList Member v3.1 Build 6424

New Features

  • Content Control
    • New feature consisting of three components (Scheduler, Archiver and Manager)
    • Scheduler – allows you to schedule content to be released after a specific timeframe after a user registers for a membership level. Many people refer to this functionality as “Dripping Content”.
    • Archiver – allows you to archive content on a specific date. Only members that had access to the level before the archive date of the content will be able to access it.
    • Manager – allows you to automatically manage the status (draft / published), category and / or publish date of the content on a scheduled date that you specify.
  • WordPress Login Page Styling
    • New feature that allows you style your WordPress login page by providing templates which can be customized with your logo, background image and color preferences. Advanced users also have the ability to customize the CSS completely. This feature can be accessed by going to Advanced Options > Login > Styling.


  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • Stripe
        • Updated the payment descriptions that appear on the user’s Stripe Account for one time payments. (eg. instead of “Bronze Subscriptions”, we now uses “Bronze – One Time Payment”).
        • Fixed issue where the Payment Description for one time payments passed to Stripe uses the previous name of the membership level. This happens when the admin changes/updates the name of the membership level.
        • Fixed issue where WLM can’t be activated due to a fatal error if the Multibyte String PHP extension is disabled on the server.
        • Fixed Error message: “Uncaught Error: Class ’WLMStripe_Stripe’ not found in…”
        • Profile Shortcode
          • We now fetch cancellation details of the subscription from Stripe’s API to display when the payment was cancelled and when subscription ends instead of using WLM’s ScheduleLevelDeactivation function to cancel the level and get the cancellation date. This should support users who cancelled in prior to this version and users that will cancel in the future.
          • Removed the word inactive on the “Cancel” row.
          • Added parameter on the profile shortcode to hide Cancel button. eg. [wlm_stripe_profile levels=‘all’ include_posts=‘no’ hide_cancel_button=‘yes’]
          • We now hide the “update payment info” link and the cancel button if the level isn’t connected to a stripe plan purchase.
          • We now also hide the “update payment info” link and cancel button if the membership level’s stripe plan purchase is already cancelled.
          • Hide Cancel button for Levels bought by “one time payment” buttons
          • Minor update on hiding “Update Payment Info” and Cancel button on levels that’s not connected to a Stripe plan.
        • Minor changes to the description of a Stripe Setting.
        • Minor updates to a text on Stripe Profile Shortcode.
        • Elements
          • Updated the Checkout form to use Stripe’s Elements JS. This means our checkout form no longer uses our own Credit Card fields and will now uses the CC input fields generated by Stripe’s Elements JS.
          • Added Name and Email to the cardData being passed to Stripe when generating a Stripe Token.
        • Fixed issue where the Credit Card fields aren’t being generated when the Stripe Button is a PayPerPost.
        • Fixed issue where form validation doesn’t work on Stripe Checkout forms for Payperposts.
    • Other Services
      • Zapier
        • Fixed: Integration does not return a proper message and a proper error code if an error occurs after adding/updating a member
        • Validate email address and return proper error if email is invalid
        • Added user levels to user data returned by add member
        • Added user levels to user data returned by user_poll_test
        • Updated data returned by user_poll_test to include level data for level management requests
        • Added member levels to data returned by actual level management requests


  • Manage
    • Fixed “incomplete registration” count counting all members across all sites in multisite setups
  • Export
    • Fixed issue where the address fields are not being correctly exported.
    • Fixed issue where address fields has a duplicate on the CUSTOM FIELDS section.
  • Sequential Upgrade
    • Fixed issue where sequential upgrade settings for levels with MOVE method that has ondate schedule are lost after doing an upgrade.

Advanced Options

  • Registrations
    • Custom Forms
      • Fixed issue with the use of “&” character inside the Dropdown List Items of Custom Registration Form.
      • Custom form field drops to below the label even on big screens. bug introduced in build 6201

Content Protection

  • Files
    • Fixed possibility of file protection issues on multisites where one site has it enabled and another does not


  • Specified a more descriptive title for [wlm_autogen_password] shortcode


  • Accepted stripe_cust_id as usermeta when adding/updating a user via the /members resource


  • Existing Member Login
    • Fixed issue where registering using the “Existing Members Login form” results to a 502 Nginx Gateway error on sites hosted on Cloudwaysapps.


  • Media Uploader
    • Fixed media uploader not showing image preview on load
  • PHP
    • Fixed undefined index errors.
  • Cookies
    • Removed the code that sets WLM_TEST_COOKIE as this is no longer being used.