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WishList Member v3.1 Build 6461


  • Removed checking of email on Updates


  • Integrations
    • Payment Providers
      • InfusionSoft
        • fix: Cron URL is different from the actual Thank you URL
      • Stripe
        • fix: Customers are being charged multiple times when signing up.
        • update: Updated the text in “Configuration > Settings” to make it more descriptive and explain exactly what the setting does.
        • fix: Fatal Error occurs when a user with a Stripe Customer ID visits the page that has the Stripe Profile Shortcode and the Stripe Customer ID doesn’t exist on the admin’s Stripe account.
        • update: Pass WishList Products’ partner id to setAppInfo
    • Email Providers
      • iContact Integration Bugfix
        • fix: Invalid List error since its already an array of list. Updated it so that it will add to multiple list.
        • fix: Contacts are not added to list.
      • MailChimp
        • update: API checking of Mailchimp Integration
    • Other Providers
      • zapier
        • fix: Transaction id is ignored and thus auto-generated when ‘Add or Update Member’ action is called
        • update: Returned a more descriptive error message if the email is not found


  • Email Broadcasts
    • fix: Keeps showing loader every time it tries to send.
    • update: We now use the current Date/timezone of the WordPress site as the date on when the Email Broadcast was added and Last Queued Email Sent.

Content Control

  • update: Display the confirmation at the bottom of Set Schedule confirmation
  • fix: Fresh Install does not create Content Control Table because they are disabled.

Advanced Options

  • Registrations
    • Custom Forms
      • fix: Typo: Passowrd > Password


  • UI
    • fix: Select box search placeholder cutting off text
  • Shortcode Inserter
    • fix: TinyMCEPlugin for Shortcode Inserter. Made sure that Jquery is loaded before inserter JS is loaded.
  • Login
    • fix: If a user visits the site for the first time and No COOKIES are set yet, then logging in through the WishList Member Login Shortcode or WishList Member Login Widget either fails or the after login redirect doesn’t work.
  • WordPress Media Uploader
    • fix: Authors and editors cannot see all media
    • fix: Media uploader shows up for subscribers in wp admin area
    • fix: Users with “upload_files” capability cannot upload files other than image files.
    • fix: Users with no “upload_files” capability can see all files in list mode instead of only seeing files they have uploaded.
  • PHP
    • fix: Undefined index notices